Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A month overdue post; Sorry about that ^^;

Hm, yeah. Last posted on the 27th of November.
Eeep. That is a bit late. Sorry folks.

No really - I'll try and be better.

But no promises ;D

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season! I did, spent a hell of a lot of money on other people, and now I'm broke. But it was worth it! From what I can gather, everyone liked their things, so woo!

Christmas break is going horrendously fast - I was already supposed to have started on my work to get back on top of things... but you know me - master procrastinator and all! My mother told me the other day that I might have to think about putting my writing on hold for a while whilst I catch up with my work; and it was painful to hear. It was painful to hear because I realised recently that writing's really what I want to do with myself (writing fantasy fiction, in fact) and that everything else seems kind of mute now.
Unfortunate, when you're in the middle of your A-Levels.

And I already know what my parents will say. 'You might change your mind later.' and, 'keep your options open.' both of which of course, are perfectly valid statements. However, the motivation that I had to make those things happen has suddenly dissipated; which leaves me in a state of unfortunate sadness.

On the plus side, I think I passed some of the tests I was given before I broke up for the end of term!
(Hopefully veering away from the solid stream of 'E's I attained last term...)

Note to self: Buy more paper. You ran out last term.

Why didn't I ask for some for Christmas? Oh right. Cause it's not normal to ask for paper for Christmas. Then again, it's not normal to ask for a 'we know' Skyrim shirt either, and yet...
I got one.

Aww yeah.

Speaking of things I got for Christmas, (and believe me, I got some cool ass things! (Think the bike I showed you a while back, amazon kindle and MORE) )  I got this awesome book titled 'you might be a zombie and other bad news'.
Now most sane people probably wouldn't see this as a good thing. But I'm not most people, and I'm certainly not sane. I'm one of those crazy people who believes highly in the chance of a zombie apocalypse, and this just helps along my theory.

So I'm going to explain to you exactly what this books tells us that just might encourage you to change your mind about my complete insanity.

And don't just shrug it off. This stuff is science.

1. Brain Parasites.
No jokes, there are actually parasites which reside inside of people's heads. To be precise, they're called Toxoplasma gondii.
"Well yeah blud, but what does 'dat bug gotta do with zombies?"
Good question, simple minded chav! Well, simply speaking, the 'bug' has an ability to control the thought processes of the brain that it inhabits.
In fact...
There is evidence to suggest that when this particular parasite infects the brain of a rat; it is aware that it can only be bred in the intestines of a cat. Knowing this, it politely encourages the rat to move towards the cat; technically offering itself up as a nice tasty snack.
Mmm, brain parasites.

That's not even the scary bit. Did you know that every one in two humans is infected with toxoplasmosis and doesn't realise? Heh heh heh, maybe you're one of them... maybe i'm one of them!


2. Neurotoxins
Goes a bit without explaining, doesn't it?

There are tons of poisons out there in the world... why is it beyond us to believe that some of them could cause us to look dead? Well, whoever does believe that are wrong because there are a select few that do in fact communicate the look that we actually are dead.
The bad part is that when brought back, humans enter a... trance like... state. No memory, can only perform simple tasks like eating, sleeping, moaning and shuffling around.

*cough* Zombies *cough*

Haiti shouldn't only be famous for the earthquakes you know. In Haiti, real life people were created into zombies.
CASE STUDY:  Clairivius Narcisse 1962 - Declared dead by two doctors, buried, and seen walking (stumbling) around the village eighteen years later.
Turns out that some creepy-ass priests used a 'zombie cucumber' (jimsonweed to you and me) to zombify people to get free workers on sugar plantations.

Heartless or what?

Nevertheless, as much as they can be turned into zombie like people, nothing has been proven to make them cannibalistic and brain loving. ...Not yet, anyway. Mix the parasite and this poison together... See what you get? Zombie.

There are plenty of other reasons too; I just can't be bothered to sit up here all evening explaining them to you, and scaring you till you can't sleep.

Speaking of which...


Have you ever played it? It looks brilliant.. and as much as they say you must immerse yourself, it looks like a game about which you absolutely could NOT immerse yourself in. Not because the graphics are shit, or it would be really hard to; quite the opposite.

Because it could cause you mindmeldingly painful brain damage.

More so than zombies.

I'm considering getting it; but will have to laugh all the way through to hide my fear. Maybe I'd get my sister to play with me - then again, her gasping and jumping whilst I play video-games almost makes me more frightened than the actual experience itself.

Have a nice 'rest of break', and a wonderful new year! I'll see if I can drag myself back to write again soon! <333

Oh yeah, and for those of you who love me enough to want to watch it, here's a cool video I made while playing Nancy Drew on the computer! 2009 games for the win!