Sunday, 11 September 2011


It's just occurred to me that I seem to have picked up a habit of procrastinating things, by doing other things that I've procrastinated by doing other things.

I should be writing the English work, so I do the Chemistry.
I should be doing the Chemistry work, so I write the blog.
I should be writing the blog, so I look at the book of the face.

And that's too damn easy to procrastinate.
So you see, I've figured out that the true problem is simply that i'm lazier than words can describe.
Which isn't a great thing to figure out when you've just started your a-levels.

On the plus side, I have a free period first thing tomorrow morning, so I can crack down and do some work then! However, I also have a free period session four, which means that I COULD go home, if it wasn't for stinky tutor group being in the afternoon.


Why does tutor group exist? It seems, that in upper 6th, it just exists to make you feel bad about not doing eight hours of study per day. It seems like, seriously, that is what it is. Nothing important happens, so everyone just sits there for 45 minutes, asking Mr Hutchings to let us go home.
Though we know he wont let us.

My Chemistry teacher, Mr Smith, did something COMPLETELY OUTRAGEOUS the other day. Seriously, I think they should make it illegal or something.

He wrote the wrong kind of 'their, there, they're' ON THE BOARD.
I can see you're screaming.

Like Chemistry isn't hard enough already with these atomic orbitals and stuff. I mean, I kind of get them? But if the orbitals are in subshells, and the (for example) P orbital is in a dumbbell shape with the nucleus in the centre, how are the electrons from further out shells also going to take the form of a P orbital without intercepting with the already there shell?
(I explained that totally crappily, and you probably don't understand a word of it, BUT I DON'T UNDERSTAND ;A;)
It feels bad to be behind already.
Feels bad man.

LIKEWISE; My Xbox live expired the other day.

And I'm broke.

It's a party of bad vibitude!

On the plus side, I've done my ironing and washing today! Which means FREE TIME for me!
Sadly, it's already ten to six.
/Le sigh

My sister just came back from Paris! Had the nerve not to buy me any souvenirs:-( But I guess I never expected otherwise! Truth be told, I'm glad she had a good time! It sucked to be at home though, with my dad stressing me to 'feed the cats' and scowling at me for making lighthearted comments to my brother across the dinner table.
I mean seriously, I can't remember what it was, but that comment was VERY lighthearted, compared to how some of his friends say that they are going to 'batter me up' because of how I kick my brother off the Xbox sometimes.
'Batter me up'.
I'd like to see them try.

Beat my brother in an arm wrestle yesterday. Yes, he may be about a centimeter taller than me now, but i'm still godly in the muscle department.

Anyway, i'm really getting annoyed with the controllingness of my dad at the moment. Not that it's legal for me to bet, get a full time job, get married, join the army or 'have le sexy times' in England or anything. 
Not at all.

Sorry for the pessimistic ranty post, I'll try and make the next one more positive and cheery!
Have a nice afternoon / day / morning / evening!:-D

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Upper 6th

I started sixth form last Tuesday.
It's nice! I'm already super overtired - but I really really like it. I like only taking classes that I like, with (generally) people that I like, and things are going well for me.
Today, however, I feel kind of down.
This is because...
  • I have realised the gravity of the work that i'm going to have to be putting in over the next year, and that kind of scares me.
  • The lockers are poopy. Not a big deal, but a bummer nevertheless.
  • I've fallen for a guy in the space of 2-3 days. What the actual fuck. I have no idea what to do about it either. Awesome.
  • I'm being irritated by my dad generally, quite a bit.
So yeah, none of those things are great:L

It's taken me forever just to write that paragraph - that's how very very tired I am.

I just hate it when I don't know what other people are thinking; especially the new people at school. How are you supposed to know what they think of you? I'm just- I have no idea. It's so tricky to gauge people and i'm finding that tricky.
I don't even know what I can do to fix it, other than wait, of course.