Monday, 30 July 2012

The Past Seven Months

So, over the last seven months, my life has been a enormous pile of shit  little bit busy.
New year happened. That's always fun. It was cold and rainy. That's not so fun. My brother turned fifteen, and that's kind of cool... although he always seems older than that. He's taller than me now, you know. That's a little bit disheartening, but never mind, eh?
Valentines day. Alone. Again. I'm beginning to wonder if my choices in men might be a little bit too picky, but when I'm dating the next 'Robert Pattinson' or 'Alex Pettyfer', you'll be sorry for settling. More cold weather happened; and by now most of my new years resolutions had already been broken.
I turned seventeen! ...It's not a very exciting age, actually. Quite a bit of an anti-climax. It's like when you turn sixteen, and you can suddenly LEGALLY have sex.People who haven't already had sex, however, generally don't change that (at least not immediately), like me. That has also applied with my learning to drive. My provisional license is safely tucked away in my wallet, unused, shiny and new. Another new years resolution was broken.
Next to nothing happened in April. I swear. We had some typical April showers, a little bit of nice weather... but that's the lot. Yay England.
Here's where the fun starts. Revision for exams, mass panic, taking exams, mass panic. We had the typical week that the British call 'summer', and basked in all of it's glory whilst it was here. My mum turned fourty-seven, and I TECHNICALLY finished post:16 year one; dependant of course on whether or not I have to go back and retake the year due to a sheet of U's.
This was the month where we were technically broken up for summer, but we sort of weren't. Finishing post:16 #1, the school immediately decided that it would be good to start teaching us next year's stuff. So whilst year 11's were free, we were not. Until July. Sucks. 
My dad's birthday and father's day were in here somewhere, and I'm pretty sure he was out of the country in either America or Morocco for those. It's a hard life for some.

Oh, and my best friend ambiguously stated that he may or may not like me as more than a friend.
July (The funnest (that's not a word) month of all, and conveniently this one.)
Broke up from school. That was fun, until I got bored about a week later. Now I have nothing to do and spend the vast majority of my allowance on bus passes so that I can go to the central library to slowly but surely work through my Chemistry textbook in peace.
I found out / realised that pretty much all of the male friends I have had (that I have considered somewhat close), have liked / like me as more than a friend. There are also a few that I wouldn't consider friends, merely acquaintances whom have also done so. That's at least nine people (recently).
I don't understand it either Ron, I really don't.
What is even so special about me? I don't even know.
MOVING ON - I've found four universities in England that I am going to apply to in the Autumn! Yes, universities. It has come to THAT time, the time where we begin to consider where I'm going to end up this time next year. That's not scary at all.
Anyway, I'm looking at doing Pharmacology - because it's basically as creative and innovative as Chemistry gets, which is pretty damn sexy. You look at drugs you already have, their physical matter, how they work and what makes them tick, and then you alter the make-up of them slightly and test them again until you get something amazing that could possibly change the world. Like a cure for cancer, or a solution to the desire for immortality. Perhaps even a cure for a zombie disease that could take the world by storm. Who knows? All I know is that it is COOL.
The universities I'm looking at are Kings College London, University College London, Bristol and Bath. They're pretty decent, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for solid D's (at minimum) across the board for my a-levels this year. Maybe then I can grovel ask for my target grades next year to meet the minimum requirements for entry.
I'm actually thinking that it's more likely for me to study in the United States of America.
Yes, seriously.
I've been looking mainly at University of Southern Florida (FL) and the University of Boston (MA), but there are obviously other options as well. As an effect of these considerations, the other day I actually booked my SAT tests (the american acceptance - end of high school - tests, kind of like a-levels but not at all like a-levels in any way). The good news about the SATs is that a lot of the tests are multiple choice (why can't English tests be like that???), but the bad news is that I have to learn maths again for the reasoning test. And not any kind of maths.
American universities also generally don't do Pharmacology as an undergraduate degree. AKA, I would have to take Chemistry or Biochemistry or Biomedical sciences, and then take Pharmacology as a graduate degree either here or in the USA.
That wouldn't be so terrible, but with Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biomedical sciences in the states comes Physics and Calculus* (*AKA. Super complicated brain wizz maths).
Couldn't agree more, Scotty.
But you know, the USA Further Education system almost looks too good to pass up. These days, as long as you can get a decent scholarship, prices are just as cheap as the UK (Thanks a lot, fee rises!), so now my parents don't see it as so impossible. Obviously, it does rely on my attaining a scholarship, but I'm just going to hope for the best...
I hope they like British people.
I reckon it'll be worth the cracks about my accent, the words I use and the way I do things. American Further Education is far more like an expansion of high school than the English version- you still have very time-tabled classes, and a variety of classes rather than a set of lectures around a specific subject. The sense of team sport - team in general, actually, is quite refreshing as it is / was quite absent in England, unless you go to Oxbridge and partake in something like rowing.
Me. Rowing.
Me. Oxbridge.
In the states, however, they have teams for everything. Both USF and UB have teams for-
Wait for it...
I kid you not. Quidditch. Guess which team I'll be joining!;-)
Probably the biggest downfall about studying in the states, bar the reliance on scholarships and the distinctive addition of maths, is the rooming. Generally you are required to live on campus in the first year - which is obviously fine, I mean where else is a Brit supposed to go?, but you generally have to share a room with someone else.
Obviously individual rooms aren't co-ed - Dorm buildings can be (thank god), but I'm generally not one for getting on particularly well with girls? And I've heard various scare stories and what-not about the types of teenage girls that live in America, and they sound (sorry to say so) worse than English girls.
It's just that I'm not a particularly... well... girlish girl! I'm obsessed with the zombie apocalypse, I love gaming, I don't really care about make-up, nor do I wear it (other than eye-liner), and I haven't had a boyfriend. I'm just not the 'typical' teenage American Girl; and I don't know how that will affect me. Particularly if I have to share a very very small space with someone who is.

In other news...
My dad's also been off with me this month - My mum says it's because I'm going to be moving away (perhaps 3000 miles away) and he isn't particularly fond of that idea. I say that if he's not, surely he should be nicer? :| It's not making me particularly resentful about leaving, that's for suresies.
We don't spend much time together any more, not as much time as he spends with my brother and my sister, anyway. So my mum (who had also noticed this) talked to him, and made him realise that this was true. Then, when he came back from London, when he went for some training thing, he asked me if I should like to go to the new Batman film with him.
Of course I said yes, didn't go with my group of friends, and now this has happened.

"Hey, Kate - it's a bit late, so I think we'll go on Friday, yeah? Friday nights at the cinema are always best."
"I'm a bit tired today, but we'll go tomorrow, I PROMISE."
"I completely forgot that we were going to Oxford today, but we'll go tomorrow, at about two?"
"I'm really tired today, and it's already 11am. But I feel like I'm letting you down - we'll go tomorrow, I PROMISE. I'll go and book the tickets now so that I have no excuse not to go on Monday."
*Doesn't even mention it* It's now 7:50pm.

You see what I mean? He obviously doesn't care that much about spending time with me. If my mum hadn't bought it up in the first place, I probably wouldn't even be thinking about it, but now that she has I can't really shake it from my head. It's just how insignificant he's making me feel. It's getting to me.
But I shall survive.
A friend of mine, Adam, (remember him?) has offered to go with me to see it on Wednesday, and I'm just going to take him up on his offer. He won't bail on me.

People. This, is why I don't ever trust anyone completely. People let you down. The only person you can rely on to get things done the way you want them is yourself, wholly and absolutely.
Pessimistic, perhaps. Realistic, absolutely.

So yep, that's the last seven months. This month is clearly in the most detail, which proves that my memory has a lot of holes and is clearly not very reliable, (which doesn't bode well for results day). If you want to share something with someone to get it off your chest, but most likely want them to forget about whatever it was that you told them, I'm definitely your girl.

One final note-


I wont as that is scientifically impossible, and if it was possible it would hurt like hell. I think receiving a sheet of U's on the 16th of August is going to be painful enough without the excretion of a brick.


Have a lovely summer!

Hunky-dory. Bah.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

New years resolutions part dos - Failed or Succeeded?

Apologies in advance for the absence, and this time it's been a long-un. I'll try not to let it happen again, because I know that you guys would miss my witty awesomeness. No promises though.
Anyway, about what must have been seven months ago now, I made a list. A list of things I'd like to achieve - much like the vast majority of the world - and never really thought I could keep. They were called NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. Here they are once more, and to make things more interesting, I'm actually going to review whether or not I have actually kept to them. Here goes!
-Cough cough-

  • Keep my room clean (Ha. Hahaha. Ha. -Looks at floor covered in things with no clean space in sight- Safe to say I've already failed that one.)
  • Keep on top of my work (Uhm... Relatively? Although due to the fact that it is summer and I currently haven't been set any work, it's difficult to judge whether or not I have succeeded.)
  • Learn to drive (The closest I've gotten is sitting behind the wheel, minding my dad's car whilst he nipped into the Chinese to pick up our food. So no.)
  • Pass my AS Levels (We'll find that one out in about a month's time. YIKES.)
  • Create a increasingly successful Youtube channel (Nope. Still want to, just haven't gotten around to that yet...)
  • Write more original fiction (Hahahahaha, no. Fanfiction, yes. Original? Nope.)
  • Get a job / volunteer (I HAVE VOLUNTEERED. Once. Then quit. For reasons I'm sure will be explained later.)
  • Be cooler than usual (I have decided that this is unquestionably impossible.)
  • Update this blog more than usual (...No comment)
  • In conclusion, so far this year, I have been a failure and kept 0/9 resolutions so far.
    Go me!
    There's much more to say (about what has happened over the past seven months and fo-shnizzle, but I'll put that in a later post, otherwise I'll have nothing to talk about and wont update!