Thursday, 30 June 2011

Interview for hollister?!

What is going on?!
Since when have nerds ever got interviews at popular fashion stores?!

But i'm not complaining.

So i'm still finding it hard to eat, filled with nerves and what not. Stressful much!? Aha, ahaha, aha, ehehe.... -hysterical-
A group interview with a bunch of beautiful people.
Can't wait.

No really.

I was willing to work at Rosetta Stone! The spanish language tool selly stally thing! And this happens!?

No, literally. The hollister smell is so potent.

I just hope that the employees are nice if I got the position! I mean, they were all smiley and stuff, but they could imitate this gif pretty well.

Heheheh. That makes me laugh everytime XD

Tomorrow at four! That's when my fate is decided!

(Wish me luck please:'( )

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Not just any ordinary week

I thought it was going to be.
Apparently not.


Somehow I managed to swing a application at Hollister, and if all goes well, I'll have an interview on Friday. 

See, the issue is, I don't think i'm pretty?
At all.

Anyway, It's kinda cool cause I know someone who works there and they're going to put in a good word for me, even though I don't actually know them that well.

But seriously, it's so nice of them<3

I couldn't sleep very well because of nerves surrounding the application process. What if I see a question I can't answer? What if i'm not invited for an interview? What if I AM invited to an interview? I hear it's a group thing, and i'm not very loud so-

I'm just going to have to do what I always do when I'm nervous. Act confident, and hope for the darned diddly best.
Everyone's trying to get jobs at the moment, not just me! A lot of people have work experience, so it's pretty vital that I get some work soon to make up for the fact that I don't.

Why don't I? Hurp derp derp.


Though I probably will anyway...
Although some of the love faded when my rabbit died:'(

Rest in peace cookie<3

List of things to do, fo shinizzle:
Wednesday: Application @ Hollister, Arts on a summer's evening event.
Friday: Possible interview, English Literature A level induction day
Monday: Leavers day:'(, Britain's next top model new series too, though! :D

Thanks for reading my rant and stuff yeah weee~

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Olive you, and everything you do. These two words, can't mean, what I meant to say with- Olive you, these words are coming true, I don't know what to say- but Olive you.
You, you, you, wanna tell me.
But I, I, I, I don't know how to say it.
I'll let it out. What's been on my mind. Those two words need an 'I love'.
I, Love, You. And everything you do. Those two words couldn't mean, what I meant to say with- I love you. These words never felt so smooth. I don't know what to say, but I love you.
Hm. Beautiful song, but I can't get it out of my head -___-

Anyway, FREEDOM.
It is multiplied.

This is because:
ONE: I'm free from school and have 10 weeks of nothingness to enjoy.
TWO: I never have to do art ever again and therefore can draw/paint/digital art it up for leisure.
THREE: I'm allowed my computer in my room. (ASDHSKFODGK I'm like an adult<3)
FOUR: It's SUNNY. That means I don't have to be stuck indoors all day! :3 Oh dear, it's summer too! English weather... are you actually playing by the rules today? :O
FIVE: I have £15. Not a lot, I'm aware, but srsly. It's enough to do something with. (Better than being broke OTL)
SIX: I weaseled my way out of doing everything I don't want to do. HA. Take that manipulative fiends!

So yes! FREEDOM!

Oh, what did I do to fathom that? I just got the death stare from my mum. Hm, that can ONLY be a bad thing :C
Or maybe not!

Anyway, to the other brits, ENJOY THIS MARVELOUS WEATHER. I'm sure it won't hang about for long, so seriously - enjoy it!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Cómo estás mi amigos?


Enough with the Spanish and on with the good news. Today is my final day of studying before i'm off for summer!
I do have to go into school tomorrow for the exam (sociology) so I'm kinda stressy about that. The excitement and the nervousness are all tumbled together into one big ball of PAIN.
No, seriously. Stomach cramps to the max.

Yesterday my grandparents came to visit.
And that's all I have to say about that.

It feels mean to say, but hey, as my uncle famously said...
How can it be rude if it's the truth?

Probably easily, but ah well.

The thing about Sociology that is worrying me is that there's so much to learn. Specifically, names.
Cohen argued that working class boys join delinquent subculture due to peer pressure and then resort to crime.
Boyle argued that the digital divide is strong in Britain today.
Cicourel argued something...

I just hope things go okay. I blagged my mock, and got a B - so hopefully I'll live. I will be fine with an A, though my teacher would like for me to get an A*...

Ah well, sorry Mrs Pettit. I am not a sociology guru. :C

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Turtle beach

I'm disappointed in you.

You have a cool name. You remind me of turtles on beaches - so why did you break?
You irritating headset.


I'm going to go to tesco and buy a new one. TESCO. That is what I have resorted to. I hope you're happy.

Clean up day

Hm, my dad decided it would be a good idea to have the 'clean-up day of epic proportion' today.
I swear, the sound of the hoover will be in my head for hours and hours.

So, I cleaned the front room all by myself which sucked was probably more beneficial than having someone do it with me. More effort, yes, but the room is already pretty small, and having to worry about tripping over someone all of the time is a concern I could do without.

Physics was okay! I reckon i'll pass, but you can only hope. When the exam board makes an error on the paper and you have to go in and change it before the paper even starts, you know something's going to be afoot.

Only one left now. Sociology.
Sociology is one of those torturous subjects.


Makes me realise that I should have taken History instead. Darn it.
90 Marks, 90 Minutes. Constant writing, I'm going to have severe cramp afterwards. Not that i'll even be focusing that much, because after that exam, FREEDOM!

Today my text inbox seems to be flooded with messages asking for me to go outside. Outside? What is that? It seems like so long that I've been revising, I can't even remember what it looks like.

Just looked out of the window. It's actually quite pretty outside today:') The garden is mowed, except for a speech mark shaped patch of grass. From what I can gather, it's been left so that the bees have some food.
I still don't quite get how bees eat.

They haven't got mouths, have they?

I've been addicted to the Xbox recently. I'm going to try and plug in the abandoned headset that's been lying on the footstool for weeks. After all, I broke the other 4/5!

Not so helpful when I should really be making sociology posters...

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Overprotective Parents

"Hahah, i'm such an easy scare - someone scared me when they hugged me this morning!"
"Boy or girl?"
"Oh, that's alright then."
Over protective father much? ¬__¬ XD

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Business Exam Prep

So i'm doing a course called 'Business and communications systems'.
Last year I got a B, which isn't the end of the world, and I have to keep convincing myself. I'll probably still get an A overall if I stuck with that same B, but it doesn't make the exam tomorrow any less stressful.

I have a feeling that i'm going to be going

I just wonder if there's more I could have done. Things I could have done to improve. I WANT that A. I would like the A*, But that's highly unlikely.

Like my text size shwanizzle? Hm, funky.
The ICT exam tomorrow is a bit dodgy too.

I just want to crawl up in a ball, and write. You know? What I actually created this blog to post? Hahaha, Yeah, that's going to happen... It's not going to happen 'till the 21st of june.

Four more exams.
Six more days.


...Till I go down to the job centre to find a part time job.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


So I went to go and get the 3DS on the day (night) of release, months ago. They took FOREVER to release the DSi ware for it, and I DIDN'T KNOW THAT THEY HAD RELEASED IT ON THE 7th OF JUNE!

So, I logged on this morning and updates my console, which took forever, might I add. But now IT'S AWESOME and I have the software!


Ah, It's so pretty, and 3Dish! I just watched a trailer for ocarina of time 3D on the console itself, so that it actually WAS 3D, and it's mind blowing.
No seriously.

I'm not even sure if I mean that in a good way or not.

Of course, you CAN always play the games in 2D, and for the haters who are like, "Why wouldn't you just buy the old console then?"
Well, because of that, dear haters.
It's OLD.

They're also stopping production of regular DS games at the end of this year, so veer well away from those old timey wimey machines, and embrace the new, high tech machines.


Anyway, I finished my ICT notes yesterday after much huffing and puffing about it. I did tons of it wrong and I had to start again :C
But it's done now! And it is sweeeeeeeet.
Chemistry exam tomorrow - and i'm BRICKING IT. I know that I got and A* last year, but SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY HOW DID I DO THAT?
So i'm going to be dead today. I have to go and see the demonic teacher Miss East and ask her VERY nicely if I can use a revision guide for business & comms, because I don't have one. Stupid, I know.
Hey, I never said I was smart.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Check out this awesome remix

So yeah, I'm a total pira-holic.
I LOVE pirates. I'm turning into one... very slowly but surely turning pirate. Anyway, this music just makes you want to go and climb a fence, or do something else EXCITING.
Here is the highly anticipated video in question:

The day off.

Ah, this is the LIFE.

Watching my brother and my sister running around like mad people, getting ready for school; watching quite a large number of friends doing the same (with the added pressure of having to sit exams once they get there), and I'm sat here in my pajamas, my laptop balanced on my knees.

It's not like I don't wish my friends good luck and everything! (I do, I really do!) Particularly good luck to those who are actually sitting GCSE exams today. I know they're tough, but in a week or two, everyone will be finished for SUMMER!

Eeeeeeeeee! Excitement!

So, just so that I know what I'm doing today, I'm going to make a list....:
To do: (June 13th 2011)

  • Buy needed stuff - A cool pen and refills for said pen, Flowers so my room doesn't look so plain, bluetac so that I can actually stick up the posters I've made, Posters (if they have any cool Pirates of the Caribbean ones, Colour marker pens and MAYBE, just MAYBE another Chemistry revision guide. Because to be honest, it'll help me to pass on Wednesday and I'm doing Chemistry for A-level anyway, so I may need them later:-D
  • ICT Notes - The exams on Thursday, so I figure I've procrastinated enough...
  • Physics revision - Because my teacher's so bad, I need to teach myself the syllabus by Friday.
  • Finish cleaning my room - Though it's looking pretty snazzy already:-)
I'll cross them off as I go:-)

I'm pretty happy at the moment, though no-one's talking right now:L Dad just got up and started nagging mum about ironing or something... and I know she's going to be annoyed at him until AT LEAST lunchentime, which means she'll find it harder to work and- :la:
So, all in all, it's going to be an INTERESTING day!

Sunday, 12 June 2011



Awww, you so cute Mr. Panda

Cutting me off.

Let me just start with a picture, as apparently they tell a thousand words. ^

My father seems hell bent on... annoying me? Seems strange, I know. "I'm sure he doesn't mean to..." "I'm sure that it's not what you think..." Well, those people can shhhh right now.


I'm being cut off with everything I say, I'm basically being told to shut up, I keep getting kicked out of the room i'm in, and I can't even go to my bedroom because it's still housing my sick cat.


I just keep telling myself... You have the day off tomorrow - you can do what you want, and he wont be around. (Nor will my sister or my brother, ehehehehe.)

Can't believe my first two posts have been rant posts. How ridiculous am I? VERY

Getting frustrated at everything.


Do you ever have those days, where you can't help but be annoyed at ANYTHING and EVERYTHING?

That's where I am at the moment.

My sister said she'd go out with me, and went out on her own, my dad's being insensitive - stomping around the kitchen and basically saying my problems are stupid, my mum's never around and my brother's in the front room, probably playing 'Portal 2' as that seems to be 'the game to have' at the moment.

At least I can rely on my friends online - they've always got my back; I appreciate it more than they could ever imagine.

Sukie, (the cat) isn't very well today:/ I'm pretty worried about her, she's my little fluff ball of awesome, after all! Alas, she's looking a little bit better. She's sleeping on my bed - and i'm happy that she's comfortable there, but it means that my family seems to think it's okay to go into my room whenever they want to see her?
I'm fine with my mum doing so, but with regards to my dad... I'm not so sure. Shouldn't there be like a privacy rule about going into your daughters bedroom? ¬__¬

Ah well, as long as she gets better soon. I'm going to try and get her to drink some water soon - she'll probably get better faster that way:-)

Found out that my Chemistry GCSE exam is on Wednesday as opposed to Tuesday though. GREAT SUCCESS!

I'm not going in tomorrow, too. I have an ICT revision class, but really... What am I going to learn from Mr.Muhammad? It's highly unlikely that i'll learn anything, and I could just stay at home and do my notes!:L


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hello to the beautiful people of blogger!

Well hello there!

My name is Kate, as you've probably already guessed.

I'm a budding writer, and I think that it'll be nice to be able to share it here!

I'm very internet capable - I already have facebook, twitter, formspring, tumblr, MSN, Skype, Yahoo, Deviantart, fanfiction, ect! I figured that this blog will offer me the opportunity to post more 'wordy' posts without getting slated, or loosing followers!:-)

It's strange that I've created this account now - seeing as I am in the middle of exam season - but oh well! I may not be posting much until the 21st of June! ...Alternatively, this will be my ultimate procrastination tool! We'll just have to see.

Well, enough with my rambling -  I hope that they people of blogger are interested in what I post, and please follow! Thanks!<3