Wednesday, 31 August 2011

So there you go, I guess we figured out which of the posting schemes I would adopt over summer.

Yes, that's right. The one with almost NO POSTING WHATSOEVER.
But school's on the horizon again now; Well, I say school and I really mean college- but it's still got prep work, that I probably should have already done and haven't, to do.
Joyous joys.
I get another new tutor too! Yes, what should be my second ever tutor is actually going to be my sixth? Or is it seventh... I forget. They're pretty much yearly, though they should be for longer than that.
2 Bs, 10 As and an A* in results though folks! Can you believe I got an A in Spanish? I can't, I mean asfghjkl;df

Got onto Pottermore!
Took the test like Harry - begging for not hufflepuff or slytherin, though I knew I wouldn't get ravenclaw, so I was in hopes of gryffindor.
Guess where I ended up.


I'm growing used to it, but I promised to buy the house scarf of the house I was sorted into, which means I now officially have to sell my soul to salazar and buy his house's scarf.
Thanks JK Rowling.

Apart from that, Pottermore's BRILLIANT.

Worth the waiting.

It's now job hunting season, so this weekend or next weekend, I'll be travelling the streets searching for employment.
-Blows kazoo-
Hopefully I'll have more luck this time. -__-

I'm off to make a Slytherins of Pottermore group on Facebook. Gotta have somewhere to chill with my homies!:-D

Friday, 12 August 2011

Leave me alone. I know I'm not making sense,
But I know I can't let you come any closer,
It's my security, its my self-defense,
I keep on doing all this over and over.
Helpless- Neon Trees

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Welcome Emails, Ties and Rioting

Hey again dudes & dudettes,

So i'm sure a lot of you have heard about the London rioting. What the hell is that about? One guy dies (and believe me, he was NOT a good man) and people thinking it's just hunky dory to go and riot in major cities of England.
Far from cool.
My area's pretty safe... for now. I've heard some riots are starting in the more working class areas of town, but I have faith that the police will be able to keep it under control. My area is definitely rather well off.
That being said, the whole of London seems to be hit pretty hard. Not surprising as it's the capital, but still. I don't think people are thoughtful enough to realise that this is people's PRIVATE businesses that they're destroying. They're people's homes that they're breaking into, it's their clothes and electronics they're stealing, it's their property and their own physical bodies that are being damaged in the process of mindless and unlawful violence.
I have to say that this is one of the few moments when I can say two things;
1) Kaiser Chief's were right. (I predict a riot)
2) I am disappointed in my country.

There is a large growing public outcry against the riots, though. Something specifically known as 'operation cup of tea'. I'm all for it; why not bring at least a little bit of pride back to the citizens of England? After all, my entire view of England is on a fine line between 'Shithole' and 'Respectable'.
If you want to check it out, go to the Operation Cup Of Tea facebook event page for more info.

There's also cleanup activity which makes me smile. There are people who want this to stop, it's just a shame that mindless violence gets in the way of moral common sense sometimes.

Moving swiftly on-wards,

I got my Gryffindor tie a couple of days ago. Heck yes! Now i'm ready to go to the costume showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two!

On another bad note, however, I still haven't received my welcome email from Pottermore.

I want to know which scarf to order for 6th form, and how am I supposed to know if Pottermore won't give me my damn email? I keep checking my email regardless, hoping that it will be there.
Apart from some wild speculation, it's not like people even KNOW when they're getting their emails! Could they not have the common courtesy to not keep us in wait?
After all, I could be pretending to do some 6th form work right now, instead of constantly refreshing my emails!

I'm going to go and comment on the Pottermore Insider Blog in a minute and see if they even have the courtesy to reply. It's doubtful, though.


This post hasn't been a very happy one has it? I guess results day is getting closer and closer, not that's what things generally do if you let time pass, and i'm starting to stress out.
A lot.

I just want to do well, but if I do well, I fear sabotaging the relationship with my sister. (You know, with that sibling rivalry shit? She didn't talk to me for at least a week after the last results day.)


Monday, 1 August 2011

Pottermore Fever



We get to get in on the action dudes & dudettes! We get to see if we can be BETA's.
Now I don't know about YOU, but I succeeded in yesterday's task, and subscribed. I HIGHLY recommend NOT signing up with a Yahoo email account, because I did, and had to keep refreshing for the next-

Not cool yahoo. Not cool.
Therefore, this morning, I logged onto Hotmail and made a brand new account, as I hear people with Hotmail addresses got their emails (verification that is) from Pottermore the fastest.

Some of you may be wondering what the clue was yesterday. Well, it asked you to note how many owls were on the sign at the
Eyelops Owl Emporium
then it asked you to multiply THAT number by 49.

So I went scrambling for the first book in order to find the correct answer, then drew up the calculator on my computer to complete the task.
You had to then add that number to the end of the link, which redirects you to the Sony page. Don't be alarmed! It's supposed to be that way. Wait a little while, and a new thing will pop up, 'Find the magical quill'. It's pretty obvious which one is magical, so you shouldn't struggle with it!

By the fact that registration STILL isn't open today, i'm guessing that they're opening it later for US users. I suspect it'll be up at 2/3pm GMT.
The question WILL be about the second book, no doubt about it. It says so on the Pottermore site! I suggest that, by this afternoon, you have your Chamber of Secret's knowledge DOWN.
After all, you need to be one of the first to subscribe in order to avoid THIS;

 I do feel for whoever got this!
'Go Home'. How lovely.

Oh well, it doesn't matter, because I'M A BETA!
You’ve successfully validated your early access Pottermore account. You will be one of the lucky few to shape the experience before the site opens to all in October."

My username's CatNight85. Not bad for a randomly generated username!
If you're trying for Pottermore today, Good luck! Stay calm and stay patient. You'll get there!

Also, make sure to tell me your usernames!
Good luck again!