Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A month overdue post; Sorry about that ^^;

Hm, yeah. Last posted on the 27th of November.
Eeep. That is a bit late. Sorry folks.

No really - I'll try and be better.

But no promises ;D

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season! I did, spent a hell of a lot of money on other people, and now I'm broke. But it was worth it! From what I can gather, everyone liked their things, so woo!

Christmas break is going horrendously fast - I was already supposed to have started on my work to get back on top of things... but you know me - master procrastinator and all! My mother told me the other day that I might have to think about putting my writing on hold for a while whilst I catch up with my work; and it was painful to hear. It was painful to hear because I realised recently that writing's really what I want to do with myself (writing fantasy fiction, in fact) and that everything else seems kind of mute now.
Unfortunate, when you're in the middle of your A-Levels.

And I already know what my parents will say. 'You might change your mind later.' and, 'keep your options open.' both of which of course, are perfectly valid statements. However, the motivation that I had to make those things happen has suddenly dissipated; which leaves me in a state of unfortunate sadness.

On the plus side, I think I passed some of the tests I was given before I broke up for the end of term!
(Hopefully veering away from the solid stream of 'E's I attained last term...)

Note to self: Buy more paper. You ran out last term.

Why didn't I ask for some for Christmas? Oh right. Cause it's not normal to ask for paper for Christmas. Then again, it's not normal to ask for a 'we know' Skyrim shirt either, and yet...
I got one.

Aww yeah.

Speaking of things I got for Christmas, (and believe me, I got some cool ass things! (Think the bike I showed you a while back, amazon kindle and MORE) )  I got this awesome book titled 'you might be a zombie and other bad news'.
Now most sane people probably wouldn't see this as a good thing. But I'm not most people, and I'm certainly not sane. I'm one of those crazy people who believes highly in the chance of a zombie apocalypse, and this just helps along my theory.

So I'm going to explain to you exactly what this books tells us that just might encourage you to change your mind about my complete insanity.

And don't just shrug it off. This stuff is science.

1. Brain Parasites.
No jokes, there are actually parasites which reside inside of people's heads. To be precise, they're called Toxoplasma gondii.
"Well yeah blud, but what does 'dat bug gotta do with zombies?"
Good question, simple minded chav! Well, simply speaking, the 'bug' has an ability to control the thought processes of the brain that it inhabits.
In fact...
There is evidence to suggest that when this particular parasite infects the brain of a rat; it is aware that it can only be bred in the intestines of a cat. Knowing this, it politely encourages the rat to move towards the cat; technically offering itself up as a nice tasty snack.
Mmm, brain parasites.

That's not even the scary bit. Did you know that every one in two humans is infected with toxoplasmosis and doesn't realise? Heh heh heh, maybe you're one of them... maybe i'm one of them!


2. Neurotoxins
Goes a bit without explaining, doesn't it?

There are tons of poisons out there in the world... why is it beyond us to believe that some of them could cause us to look dead? Well, whoever does believe that are wrong because there are a select few that do in fact communicate the look that we actually are dead.
The bad part is that when brought back, humans enter a... trance like... state. No memory, can only perform simple tasks like eating, sleeping, moaning and shuffling around.

*cough* Zombies *cough*

Haiti shouldn't only be famous for the earthquakes you know. In Haiti, real life people were created into zombies.
CASE STUDY:  Clairivius Narcisse 1962 - Declared dead by two doctors, buried, and seen walking (stumbling) around the village eighteen years later.
Turns out that some creepy-ass priests used a 'zombie cucumber' (jimsonweed to you and me) to zombify people to get free workers on sugar plantations.

Heartless or what?

Nevertheless, as much as they can be turned into zombie like people, nothing has been proven to make them cannibalistic and brain loving. ...Not yet, anyway. Mix the parasite and this poison together... See what you get? Zombie.

There are plenty of other reasons too; I just can't be bothered to sit up here all evening explaining them to you, and scaring you till you can't sleep.

Speaking of which...


Have you ever played it? It looks brilliant.. and as much as they say you must immerse yourself, it looks like a game about which you absolutely could NOT immerse yourself in. Not because the graphics are shit, or it would be really hard to; quite the opposite.

Because it could cause you mindmeldingly painful brain damage.

More so than zombies.

I'm considering getting it; but will have to laugh all the way through to hide my fear. Maybe I'd get my sister to play with me - then again, her gasping and jumping whilst I play video-games almost makes me more frightened than the actual experience itself.

Have a nice 'rest of break', and a wonderful new year! I'll see if I can drag myself back to write again soon! <333

Oh yeah, and for those of you who love me enough to want to watch it, here's a cool video I made while playing Nancy Drew on the computer! 2009 games for the win!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Back to basics, MRIs and MRAs

Doctor Who- sorry, Hu, was a big meanie.

She was really grumpy and it didn't exactly work my trust up in her... then she decided to test my reflexes and whack my joints with a weird medical hammer-y thing. I didn't actually think they did that in real life. But they do. Just in case you were wondering.

The good thing is that she told me that she really doubted anything was wrong with me at all! She doesn't think that I'm epileptic, or anything like that, so YAY! Yet, she told me that there's also a tiny risk that I have a BRAIN HEMORRHAGE so I've been booked for an MRI and an MRA scan of the brain. 


So that's nothing to worry about or anything....

Oh yeah! And the en-suite in my parents bedroom has the only working shower- and now THAT sounds precarious. Like it's about to fall through - and if it does, it will probably take the wall between the lounge and the kitchen with it!
...Yet, my dad won't fix it.

Starting next week, I intend to spend nearly all of the 'free's' I'm given at school ACTUALLY studying. I've realised that I could be copying out the textbook into my own notes on this trusty little notebook in my free time - writing the essays I should be for English, as well as actually reading the Kite Runner - and learning the key terms for Business Studies. Because as much as the majority of Business Studies is simply common knowledge, I know that some terms I won't just know. Like 'Matrix', and not as in the movie. What the actual-
Which also means that you could be seeing some study notes as blog posts in the future! Huzzah if you're doing a-levels in the same things as me; not huzzah if you're not!

It's the 27th of November, meaning that it's actually 28 days away. Only 28 days until I reveal my new bike to my eyes! HUZZAH!

This is it. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL??? Screw that crappy thing about my school bag always whacking into the tire on the front of my bike and hello vintage beauty!
Mmm, it's even got it's own little stand!

Ah it's Sunday. The day of things to do, the things to do today.
To do:

  • Make Breakfast - I recently mastered the art of making french toast so making breakfast for myself is not only easy, but freaking delicious too. 
  • Write the Act 3 essay for English that was actually due on Friday. (And this is why I have to use my studies more productively)
  • Write the Act 4 essay actually due NEXT Friday. (Hopefully that'll make up for it!)
  • Write some of the Coursework essay I really should have been doing in English! (Gulp)
  • Check for other homework due for tomorrow
  • Iron a couple of shirts
  • Shower, so that I don't have to do so tomorrow morning (I promise, I'm not a hermit! ...Yet...)
And that should (SHOULD) be all. If I have any free time after that, i'll probably be writing more fanfiction (Which I got back into! Huzzah!), planning Original fiction (If I publish a book, you'll buy it right?;D), or playing Skyrim, which still hasn't gotten old.

So what do you know, this turned into a relatively positive blog post after all!

My dad went away to America earlier - at like 7:55AM to be precise. I don't like him being gone or anything; but it's like this aura of badness and stress has been lifted from the house.

Lifted away~

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dragon Language

Dragonborn Dragonborn
By his honor is sworn
To keep evil forever at bay
And the fiercest foes rout
When they hear triumph’s shout
Dragonborn for your blessing we pray

And the scrolls have fortold
Of black wings in the cold
That when brothers wage war come unfurled
Alduin, bane of kings
Ancient shadow unbound
With a hunger to swallow the world


Dovahkiin dovahkiin
Naal ok zin los vahriin
Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal
Ahrk fin norok paal graan
Fod nust hon zindro zaan
Dovahkiin fah hin kogaan mu draal

Ahrk fin kel lost prodah
Do ved viing ko fin krah
Tol fod zeymah kein meyz fundein
Alduin feyn do jun
Kruziik vokun staadnau
Voth aan bahlok wah diivon fin lein.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sometimes, what we think we want and what we truly want are very different things.

Hi guys; I haven't updated in forever again.

/Reliable updater is reliable.

I have a feeling that i'm going to have to get better at it though. Otherwise I feel that my mental health is going to suffer severely from not being able to spew the crap in my head to someone or something. Usually I just unload it onto my mum, but I figure that that's not very fair, as she usually picks up other peoples stress easily.

The guy I liked... Things got complicated. We met up recently actually, more recently than you might think because I had to postpone the first time (for reasons that i'll let you know in a minute!) but when we met up I truly did have a good time. I truly do like him. We even kissed a bit. But that's beside the point.

The point is, I had to think about where it left me for quite a while; leaving him in limbo. It made me feel like a terrible person, and eventually I came to the conclusion that I actually didn't want a relationship at all like I think I did. I'm one of those people who is not only anxious, but also can't handle much change all at once, and at the moment I really do have to change a lot. For work, for family, for myself- just as a part of growing.

It's a lot of pressure; and generally I can handle it, but too many things and I know i'd stretch to my limit and probably hurt more people than I would save.

The reason the first time we were supposed to meet up got cancelled; let's begin with that and casually move the subject on.

SO, my opticians appointment.

Nothing is wrong with my eyesight! Nope. Nada. Zip. BUT something could be wrong with my brain.
You see, when she was shining the light into the back of my eye (and you can really creepily see all the vessels back there .__.) I fainted. Got a huge headache, blacked out and went unconscious for a minute or so. Now apparently that's NOT normal, although truthfully I don't think it's that big of a deal.

Apparently though, everyone else does.

I have a neurology appointment on Tuesday, with Doctor Hu. Not Doctor Who. I wish.


I also feel kind of sick right now; my throat kills which makes me feel nauseous. Yay! -_-

I had to say no to someone who asked me out yesterday, too. 
Someone out there hates me, I think.
I mean, what would anyone even SEE in me?! There's nothing here! I'm really BORING.

Oh and I have three essays to write.

That's basically my life for the past 2/3 weeks! Oh, and i'm sure you know already, but SKYRIM'S OUT.

IT'S THE MOST AMAZING GAME EVER. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I've killed... at least seven dragons, completed the dark brotherhood and the thieves guild or at least the main story) and met 3 Daedric princes. Life on that game... why can't that be life?! That would be awesome.

That's why I like that game. When my friend Adam (who's one of my best friends) was telling me about it, and telling me about how he likes to get lost in the game, I can't say I understood. I really can't. I thought it was insane; why would you want to immerse yourself so much that you forgot real life existed. So much so that you won't join an XBOX live party? It made no sense to me.

And then.... all of a sudden, it made perfect sense.

...Now I have to go for Chinese, and i'm going to post this before I forget that it exists! Thank you for reading, if of course you did. I'm keeping the faith that life will get better, and I truly hope that right now, so you should too! Oh yeah, and if someone could let me know how to respond to comments, that would be swell. Do I need to change the theme of my blog? I have no idea - but I don't want people to think i'm ignoring them because i'm NOT and I love the comments you leave!


Saturday, 5 November 2011

Milton Keynes, Skyrim and weird things.


I actually got back about a week ago; but hey, I never said I was good at keeping this blog up to date! I will eventually reply to comments and messages... when I figure out how...
Moving swiftly on!


It's 10:35am, or at least, it feels that way! It's actually 9:35 - stupid clocks. Why'd they have to change? It's not like England's an immensely agricultural place now, is it?

Guy Fawkes day today, by the way! That day when everyone in England celebrated the failure and suicide of one man - nicknamed Guy Fawkes. That's probably my worst nightmare - being remembered for a failure, I mean - so I actually end up feeling a little bit sympathetic for him.


Oh yeah, you know that guy I mentioned earlier? The one I 'liked'? Well, turns out he 'likes' me too, and we're going on a sort-of date tomorrow.

Nothing's really set in stone & everything's majorly casual, but I can't help but be horrendously nervous. HORRENDOUSLY. Urgh. URGH. SO NERVOUS.

So I can't figure out if that's a piece of good news, or a piece of bad news!


I have an opticians appointment today; the first one in five years. Should have really been wearing glasses for close range things... haven't been. I have a feeling that I'm going to be tutted at. Ah well, shouldn't have gone to specsavers.


Now that all of that's out of the way...

SKYRIM IN SIX DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My fellow Elder Scrolls fans; Dragonborn's everywhere - listen closely. Skyrim is going to be the best thing ever, and Friday the 11th the best day of your life - so stock up on crisps, your favourite drinks and snacks, because you're probably not going to be leaving the chair you park your arse in for at least a week.


I actually did a biology mitosis video yesterday so that I wouldn't have to do it instead of playing Skyrim. (Yes, really! You can find it here! - It opens in a new window, so click it!)


The black hand / dark brotherhood looks amazing, as you would expect after the amazingness that it was in Oblivion; the thieves guild looks awesome - they have their own 'lair' and armour this time, for the winning! Their questline is bound to be immense too, but YAY!

You know, i'm just going to give you all the links & information I can about Skyrim.
This could take a while...

Behind the wall - Trailer

Concept - Trailer

Live Action - Trailer

Perks and unlockables - There is no class system, so ignore that as you're reading it; then read the comment posted by Julianos at the bottom!

Some Skyrim gameplay


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Super belated post is super belated.

Morning all. Or, evening, rather.

I'm in a not good mood. Simply because my mum's taking over the front room a bit; and it's driving me slightly insane. So I explain that I don't want her to record that much on the planner in the front room, because I like it tidy, and she's now mad with me.
Not cool.
Not cool at all.

Cornwall tomorrow. Ah, the joy.
I dislike it. A lot- I don't want to go. Not only do I miss four parties, (Yes, four!) but I also miss bowling, free stuff and seeing the lion king in 3D.
At least i'm back for Halloween.

I have a lot of work to do over the holidays, so i'm not looking forward to that either.

Oh yeah, and I've found out that another one of my friends likes me as more than a friend.
Party on.

Splash; there's all the bad stuff!

I must remember to pack Risk before I go away! And some playing cards. In fact, i'm going to make a list of all the things I have to remember..:

Things to do before I depart towards my almost imminent misery:

  1. Clothes. This includes some jeans, shirts and sweatshirts; because it's the English coast. Not Orlando.
  2. Risk. Playing cards.
  3. Work stuff! I don't want U's!
  4. Charge phone, DS, camera, iPod & computer. I love technology, and i'm not going a week without it!
  5. Wash bag. Hygiene is important!
So I've also just checked the weather. Rain. Lots of it. Taking a couple of coats and a mini umbrella now.

Positive section of this blog post begins HERE.

I renewed my XBOX live!
...and I just realised how screwed up my priorities are. OHWELLXBOXISGREAT!

Everyday i'm talking more and more to the guy I like. Yesterday we swapped phone numbers - now he's texting me. SCORE!

It is half term! Even though I have to spend a lot of it working, and all of it in Cornwall, it's still a holiday! Sort of...
Speaking of Cornwall, the router's just been packed up. Ah. That means this post probably will end up being posted in the land of corn. Ironic isn't it? I hate Corn too.

As I thought, here we are in Cornwall, and I haven't posted this yet.

Things are looking cool! The sea's pretty choppy at the moment, but that's cool- I've just had a scone and i'm connected to the internet. As far as things go, that's good! 

I'm bored, but at least I have the computer. And a shower. None of this camping nonsense.

Going to buy a few things tomorrow for people back home - probably scarves, bracelets and rock. Rock as in the candy. I don't really like it, but the sell some with rude messages in that makes me laugh a ton.

Right, i'm going to actually post this now! Maybe i'll keep a log of my cornish adventures... Then again, maybe not!

Sunday, 11 September 2011


It's just occurred to me that I seem to have picked up a habit of procrastinating things, by doing other things that I've procrastinated by doing other things.

I should be writing the English work, so I do the Chemistry.
I should be doing the Chemistry work, so I write the blog.
I should be writing the blog, so I look at the book of the face.

And that's too damn easy to procrastinate.
So you see, I've figured out that the true problem is simply that i'm lazier than words can describe.
Which isn't a great thing to figure out when you've just started your a-levels.

On the plus side, I have a free period first thing tomorrow morning, so I can crack down and do some work then! However, I also have a free period session four, which means that I COULD go home, if it wasn't for stinky tutor group being in the afternoon.


Why does tutor group exist? It seems, that in upper 6th, it just exists to make you feel bad about not doing eight hours of study per day. It seems like, seriously, that is what it is. Nothing important happens, so everyone just sits there for 45 minutes, asking Mr Hutchings to let us go home.
Though we know he wont let us.

My Chemistry teacher, Mr Smith, did something COMPLETELY OUTRAGEOUS the other day. Seriously, I think they should make it illegal or something.

He wrote the wrong kind of 'their, there, they're' ON THE BOARD.
I can see you're screaming.

Like Chemistry isn't hard enough already with these atomic orbitals and stuff. I mean, I kind of get them? But if the orbitals are in subshells, and the (for example) P orbital is in a dumbbell shape with the nucleus in the centre, how are the electrons from further out shells also going to take the form of a P orbital without intercepting with the already there shell?
(I explained that totally crappily, and you probably don't understand a word of it, BUT I DON'T UNDERSTAND ;A;)
It feels bad to be behind already.
Feels bad man.

LIKEWISE; My Xbox live expired the other day.

And I'm broke.

It's a party of bad vibitude!

On the plus side, I've done my ironing and washing today! Which means FREE TIME for me!
Sadly, it's already ten to six.
/Le sigh

My sister just came back from Paris! Had the nerve not to buy me any souvenirs:-( But I guess I never expected otherwise! Truth be told, I'm glad she had a good time! It sucked to be at home though, with my dad stressing me to 'feed the cats' and scowling at me for making lighthearted comments to my brother across the dinner table.
I mean seriously, I can't remember what it was, but that comment was VERY lighthearted, compared to how some of his friends say that they are going to 'batter me up' because of how I kick my brother off the Xbox sometimes.
'Batter me up'.
I'd like to see them try.

Beat my brother in an arm wrestle yesterday. Yes, he may be about a centimeter taller than me now, but i'm still godly in the muscle department.

Anyway, i'm really getting annoyed with the controllingness of my dad at the moment. Not that it's legal for me to bet, get a full time job, get married, join the army or 'have le sexy times' in England or anything. 
Not at all.

Sorry for the pessimistic ranty post, I'll try and make the next one more positive and cheery!
Have a nice afternoon / day / morning / evening!:-D

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Upper 6th

I started sixth form last Tuesday.
It's nice! I'm already super overtired - but I really really like it. I like only taking classes that I like, with (generally) people that I like, and things are going well for me.
Today, however, I feel kind of down.
This is because...
  • I have realised the gravity of the work that i'm going to have to be putting in over the next year, and that kind of scares me.
  • The lockers are poopy. Not a big deal, but a bummer nevertheless.
  • I've fallen for a guy in the space of 2-3 days. What the actual fuck. I have no idea what to do about it either. Awesome.
  • I'm being irritated by my dad generally, quite a bit.
So yeah, none of those things are great:L

It's taken me forever just to write that paragraph - that's how very very tired I am.

I just hate it when I don't know what other people are thinking; especially the new people at school. How are you supposed to know what they think of you? I'm just- I have no idea. It's so tricky to gauge people and i'm finding that tricky.
I don't even know what I can do to fix it, other than wait, of course.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

So there you go, I guess we figured out which of the posting schemes I would adopt over summer.

Yes, that's right. The one with almost NO POSTING WHATSOEVER.
But school's on the horizon again now; Well, I say school and I really mean college- but it's still got prep work, that I probably should have already done and haven't, to do.
Joyous joys.
I get another new tutor too! Yes, what should be my second ever tutor is actually going to be my sixth? Or is it seventh... I forget. They're pretty much yearly, though they should be for longer than that.
2 Bs, 10 As and an A* in results though folks! Can you believe I got an A in Spanish? I can't, I mean asfghjkl;df

Got onto Pottermore!
Took the test like Harry - begging for not hufflepuff or slytherin, though I knew I wouldn't get ravenclaw, so I was in hopes of gryffindor.
Guess where I ended up.


I'm growing used to it, but I promised to buy the house scarf of the house I was sorted into, which means I now officially have to sell my soul to salazar and buy his house's scarf.
Thanks JK Rowling.

Apart from that, Pottermore's BRILLIANT.

Worth the waiting.

It's now job hunting season, so this weekend or next weekend, I'll be travelling the streets searching for employment.
-Blows kazoo-
Hopefully I'll have more luck this time. -__-

I'm off to make a Slytherins of Pottermore group on Facebook. Gotta have somewhere to chill with my homies!:-D

Friday, 12 August 2011

Leave me alone. I know I'm not making sense,
But I know I can't let you come any closer,
It's my security, its my self-defense,
I keep on doing all this over and over.
Helpless- Neon Trees

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Welcome Emails, Ties and Rioting

Hey again dudes & dudettes,

So i'm sure a lot of you have heard about the London rioting. What the hell is that about? One guy dies (and believe me, he was NOT a good man) and people thinking it's just hunky dory to go and riot in major cities of England.
Far from cool.
My area's pretty safe... for now. I've heard some riots are starting in the more working class areas of town, but I have faith that the police will be able to keep it under control. My area is definitely rather well off.
That being said, the whole of London seems to be hit pretty hard. Not surprising as it's the capital, but still. I don't think people are thoughtful enough to realise that this is people's PRIVATE businesses that they're destroying. They're people's homes that they're breaking into, it's their clothes and electronics they're stealing, it's their property and their own physical bodies that are being damaged in the process of mindless and unlawful violence.
I have to say that this is one of the few moments when I can say two things;
1) Kaiser Chief's were right. (I predict a riot)
2) I am disappointed in my country.

There is a large growing public outcry against the riots, though. Something specifically known as 'operation cup of tea'. I'm all for it; why not bring at least a little bit of pride back to the citizens of England? After all, my entire view of England is on a fine line between 'Shithole' and 'Respectable'.
If you want to check it out, go to the Operation Cup Of Tea facebook event page for more info.

There's also cleanup activity which makes me smile. There are people who want this to stop, it's just a shame that mindless violence gets in the way of moral common sense sometimes.

Moving swiftly on-wards,

I got my Gryffindor tie a couple of days ago. Heck yes! Now i'm ready to go to the costume showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two!

On another bad note, however, I still haven't received my welcome email from Pottermore.

I want to know which scarf to order for 6th form, and how am I supposed to know if Pottermore won't give me my damn email? I keep checking my email regardless, hoping that it will be there.
Apart from some wild speculation, it's not like people even KNOW when they're getting their emails! Could they not have the common courtesy to not keep us in wait?
After all, I could be pretending to do some 6th form work right now, instead of constantly refreshing my emails!

I'm going to go and comment on the Pottermore Insider Blog in a minute and see if they even have the courtesy to reply. It's doubtful, though.


This post hasn't been a very happy one has it? I guess results day is getting closer and closer, not that's what things generally do if you let time pass, and i'm starting to stress out.
A lot.

I just want to do well, but if I do well, I fear sabotaging the relationship with my sister. (You know, with that sibling rivalry shit? She didn't talk to me for at least a week after the last results day.)


Monday, 1 August 2011

Pottermore Fever



We get to get in on the action dudes & dudettes! We get to see if we can be BETA's.
Now I don't know about YOU, but I succeeded in yesterday's task, and subscribed. I HIGHLY recommend NOT signing up with a Yahoo email account, because I did, and had to keep refreshing for the next-

Not cool yahoo. Not cool.
Therefore, this morning, I logged onto Hotmail and made a brand new account, as I hear people with Hotmail addresses got their emails (verification that is) from Pottermore the fastest.

Some of you may be wondering what the clue was yesterday. Well, it asked you to note how many owls were on the sign at the
Eyelops Owl Emporium
then it asked you to multiply THAT number by 49.

So I went scrambling for the first book in order to find the correct answer, then drew up the calculator on my computer to complete the task.
You had to then add that number to the end of the link, which redirects you to the Sony page. Don't be alarmed! It's supposed to be that way. Wait a little while, and a new thing will pop up, 'Find the magical quill'. It's pretty obvious which one is magical, so you shouldn't struggle with it!

By the fact that registration STILL isn't open today, i'm guessing that they're opening it later for US users. I suspect it'll be up at 2/3pm GMT.
The question WILL be about the second book, no doubt about it. It says so on the Pottermore site! I suggest that, by this afternoon, you have your Chamber of Secret's knowledge DOWN.
After all, you need to be one of the first to subscribe in order to avoid THIS;

 I do feel for whoever got this!
'Go Home'. How lovely.

Oh well, it doesn't matter, because I'M A BETA!
You’ve successfully validated your early access Pottermore account. You will be one of the lucky few to shape the experience before the site opens to all in October."

My username's CatNight85. Not bad for a randomly generated username!
If you're trying for Pottermore today, Good luck! Stay calm and stay patient. You'll get there!

Also, make sure to tell me your usernames!
Good luck again!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Just a casual update

So I haven't posted for a while - I don't even know what happened to me! Actually I do - I got eaten by Bleach fever.
I'm a hilariously large Naruto fan, so to even suggest watching a new / reading a new Anime / Manga series is something I object against. Deathnote I would never read - that would be sin among my other Nartuards, but I promised to a friend that I would watch bleach.
I started watching it on Friday / Saturday, and now i'm on episode 91.
Ah, addiction to the Anime franchise. Where would I be without it?

I didn't get the Hollister thing, by the way, I was up against some awesome people, one of which was at Oxford university. -____-
I've been trying to apply for other jobs and stuff online because I'm so lazy that I don't even want to go into town and hand out CV's, but so far my success has been near non-existent.
Looks like i'm going to have to wait for September.
Should have done work experience.

On a brighter note, soon we're getting a family turtle! Or tortoise... whichever one lives mostly out of water. Gunna call it 'Trigger' for reasons that i'm not entirely sure of yet...

Oh yeah, and to all of my new followers:

Major yay'age!
I'll follow you all back after I finish writing this if you give me / have given me the link to your blog, :')

I promised to post prom photos on July 14th. Well, it's not exactly July 14th, but it'll do!
Hahahah, we had the largest group that night:L

On an unrelated noted, I'm freeking out about results day.
And not a little. A lotta.
I'm not supposed to be. It's still weeks away, but it's no longer MONTHS away. It's on August 25th, Aka, less than a month away.
Three weeks and a bit away.

I lose if I win and I lose if I lose. I lose all the time! My sister will be angry and mad at me if I overtake her B grade / C grade average, and my parents will be disappointed if I don't. It's a lose lose situation for me, so how can I possibly look forward to it?
For myself, I would like to do the best I possibly can do, but I'd rather my sister not hate me...
I don't even know anymore! OTL

(Hahahaha just sayin', you all lost the game!;D)

Been getting aggravated with a friend of mine recently. They're just the kind of person who thinks their way is the right way, you know?

I want to be back at school already! -___-

And yeah, that's about all I can think of to say. THAT my friends, is how interesting my life has been as of late.
I'll try and post more regularly from now. (Whether that'll work or not is another matter!)
Thanks for reading yay:D

Wednesday, 13 July 2011



Did she just say what I think she said? Did she say the DREADED word?
The 'P' word?!

Yes, fellow blog readers, I did.

Prom is upon us! I've ignored it for as long as possible, and yet now it is IMPOSSIBLE. After all, prom is TODAY.
Someone asked me, why go? If you don't want to, don't go!

Well, silly person, I figured out that this prom has cost me 150-200 pounds, and not going now would be going against my rules of never wasting money.


Somebody in the UK won the lottery yesterday!

How depressing is that?!
The massive £166 million jackpot has gone to someone in the UK, and it's not me.
How unfair.

My private island will have to wait a while.

Got some 6th form clothes in the mail today! Winning!

Anyway, back to prom.
I'm surprisingly nervous?
Freaked out?

No... Definitely not the last one, haha.
I'm happy to see some friends before they go off to different colleges and sixth forms, but if they're really great friends, we'll stay in touch. If not, well, we won't. But the good thing about our generation is that we're

Even if we don't constantly see our friends, we'll keep up with them on social networking websites like facebook, twitter, msn ect. It's pretty handy actually.

In black and white though, so I hide the paleness of my skin slightly.
But yes! I look better than usual because of the make-up and the can of hairspray that lies within my hair.
That's what it'll be like for prom, only... Less downish and more upish...
Yet, at the same time, not upish.

I'll post pictures tomorrow and then maybe I won't sound like such a loony!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Boredom? How is this even possible?

Seriously, I haven't been bored in forever.
And now i'm bored.

You don't appreciate the work while you're doing it, but when you're not, your life seems almost kind of empty? How weird is that? I actually considered starting my English Literature A-level work, but then realised that that would just be darn silly :3
So i'm back into art.
It's kinda nice- I really want to use this software called 'Manga Studio' but we already own it (or my brother does) and yet it's lost in his room.
And when you say lost about my brother's room, you actually mean, gone forever.

But it's actually not that bad!
My mum, being the awesomeness of awesomeness just ordered a new copy off of amazon!

Haven't heard back from my interview at Hollister. I screwed up, It went badly, I'm not expecting a call, lolololol.
Still, it'd be nice to hear a firm "YAH" or "NAH" as opposed to being kept waiting. I don't like waiting, and I don't like to keep others waiting. -__-


Gotta forge together a hair barrette for prom at some stage. Urgh, still don't really want to go D: But I know I won't be able to slap away all of the cameras, so i'd better make sure I look half decent TTATT.

The good thing about not getting a job at hollister, though, would be that I would be able to do whatever the heck I want with my hair! YAY! I AM looking forward to that, to having hair that I like as opposed to what I think I should have.

Ordered the majority of my 6th form clothes. AWESOME! Still missing shoes and a couple of pairs of trousers, but no biggy. I have everything else!

Can't wait till 6th form, EEEEE!

Gotta get through results day first though.
Boo :C

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Interview for hollister?!

What is going on?!
Since when have nerds ever got interviews at popular fashion stores?!

But i'm not complaining.

So i'm still finding it hard to eat, filled with nerves and what not. Stressful much!? Aha, ahaha, aha, ehehe.... -hysterical-
A group interview with a bunch of beautiful people.
Can't wait.

No really.

I was willing to work at Rosetta Stone! The spanish language tool selly stally thing! And this happens!?

No, literally. The hollister smell is so potent.

I just hope that the employees are nice if I got the position! I mean, they were all smiley and stuff, but they could imitate this gif pretty well.

Heheheh. That makes me laugh everytime XD

Tomorrow at four! That's when my fate is decided!

(Wish me luck please:'( )

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Not just any ordinary week

I thought it was going to be.
Apparently not.


Somehow I managed to swing a application at Hollister, and if all goes well, I'll have an interview on Friday. 

See, the issue is, I don't think i'm pretty?
At all.

Anyway, It's kinda cool cause I know someone who works there and they're going to put in a good word for me, even though I don't actually know them that well.

But seriously, it's so nice of them<3

I couldn't sleep very well because of nerves surrounding the application process. What if I see a question I can't answer? What if i'm not invited for an interview? What if I AM invited to an interview? I hear it's a group thing, and i'm not very loud so-

I'm just going to have to do what I always do when I'm nervous. Act confident, and hope for the darned diddly best.
Everyone's trying to get jobs at the moment, not just me! A lot of people have work experience, so it's pretty vital that I get some work soon to make up for the fact that I don't.

Why don't I? Hurp derp derp.


Though I probably will anyway...
Although some of the love faded when my rabbit died:'(

Rest in peace cookie<3

List of things to do, fo shinizzle:
Wednesday: Application @ Hollister, Arts on a summer's evening event.
Friday: Possible interview, English Literature A level induction day
Monday: Leavers day:'(, Britain's next top model new series too, though! :D

Thanks for reading my rant and stuff yeah weee~

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Olive you, and everything you do. These two words, can't mean, what I meant to say with- Olive you, these words are coming true, I don't know what to say- but Olive you.
You, you, you, wanna tell me.
But I, I, I, I don't know how to say it.
I'll let it out. What's been on my mind. Those two words need an 'I love'.
I, Love, You. And everything you do. Those two words couldn't mean, what I meant to say with- I love you. These words never felt so smooth. I don't know what to say, but I love you.
Hm. Beautiful song, but I can't get it out of my head -___-

Anyway, FREEDOM.
It is multiplied.

This is because:
ONE: I'm free from school and have 10 weeks of nothingness to enjoy.
TWO: I never have to do art ever again and therefore can draw/paint/digital art it up for leisure.
THREE: I'm allowed my computer in my room. (ASDHSKFODGK I'm like an adult<3)
FOUR: It's SUNNY. That means I don't have to be stuck indoors all day! :3 Oh dear, it's summer too! English weather... are you actually playing by the rules today? :O
FIVE: I have £15. Not a lot, I'm aware, but srsly. It's enough to do something with. (Better than being broke OTL)
SIX: I weaseled my way out of doing everything I don't want to do. HA. Take that manipulative fiends!

So yes! FREEDOM!

Oh, what did I do to fathom that? I just got the death stare from my mum. Hm, that can ONLY be a bad thing :C
Or maybe not!

Anyway, to the other brits, ENJOY THIS MARVELOUS WEATHER. I'm sure it won't hang about for long, so seriously - enjoy it!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Cómo estás mi amigos?


Enough with the Spanish and on with the good news. Today is my final day of studying before i'm off for summer!
I do have to go into school tomorrow for the exam (sociology) so I'm kinda stressy about that. The excitement and the nervousness are all tumbled together into one big ball of PAIN.
No, seriously. Stomach cramps to the max.

Yesterday my grandparents came to visit.
And that's all I have to say about that.

It feels mean to say, but hey, as my uncle famously said...
How can it be rude if it's the truth?

Probably easily, but ah well.

The thing about Sociology that is worrying me is that there's so much to learn. Specifically, names.
Cohen argued that working class boys join delinquent subculture due to peer pressure and then resort to crime.
Boyle argued that the digital divide is strong in Britain today.
Cicourel argued something...

I just hope things go okay. I blagged my mock, and got a B - so hopefully I'll live. I will be fine with an A, though my teacher would like for me to get an A*...

Ah well, sorry Mrs Pettit. I am not a sociology guru. :C

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Turtle beach

I'm disappointed in you.

You have a cool name. You remind me of turtles on beaches - so why did you break?
You irritating headset.


I'm going to go to tesco and buy a new one. TESCO. That is what I have resorted to. I hope you're happy.

Clean up day

Hm, my dad decided it would be a good idea to have the 'clean-up day of epic proportion' today.
I swear, the sound of the hoover will be in my head for hours and hours.

So, I cleaned the front room all by myself which sucked was probably more beneficial than having someone do it with me. More effort, yes, but the room is already pretty small, and having to worry about tripping over someone all of the time is a concern I could do without.

Physics was okay! I reckon i'll pass, but you can only hope. When the exam board makes an error on the paper and you have to go in and change it before the paper even starts, you know something's going to be afoot.

Only one left now. Sociology.
Sociology is one of those torturous subjects.


Makes me realise that I should have taken History instead. Darn it.
90 Marks, 90 Minutes. Constant writing, I'm going to have severe cramp afterwards. Not that i'll even be focusing that much, because after that exam, FREEDOM!

Today my text inbox seems to be flooded with messages asking for me to go outside. Outside? What is that? It seems like so long that I've been revising, I can't even remember what it looks like.

Just looked out of the window. It's actually quite pretty outside today:') The garden is mowed, except for a speech mark shaped patch of grass. From what I can gather, it's been left so that the bees have some food.
I still don't quite get how bees eat.

They haven't got mouths, have they?

I've been addicted to the Xbox recently. I'm going to try and plug in the abandoned headset that's been lying on the footstool for weeks. After all, I broke the other 4/5!

Not so helpful when I should really be making sociology posters...

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Overprotective Parents

"Hahah, i'm such an easy scare - someone scared me when they hugged me this morning!"
"Boy or girl?"
"Oh, that's alright then."
Over protective father much? ¬__¬ XD

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Business Exam Prep

So i'm doing a course called 'Business and communications systems'.
Last year I got a B, which isn't the end of the world, and I have to keep convincing myself. I'll probably still get an A overall if I stuck with that same B, but it doesn't make the exam tomorrow any less stressful.

I have a feeling that i'm going to be going

I just wonder if there's more I could have done. Things I could have done to improve. I WANT that A. I would like the A*, But that's highly unlikely.

Like my text size shwanizzle? Hm, funky.
The ICT exam tomorrow is a bit dodgy too.

I just want to crawl up in a ball, and write. You know? What I actually created this blog to post? Hahaha, Yeah, that's going to happen... It's not going to happen 'till the 21st of june.

Four more exams.
Six more days.


...Till I go down to the job centre to find a part time job.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


So I went to go and get the 3DS on the day (night) of release, months ago. They took FOREVER to release the DSi ware for it, and I DIDN'T KNOW THAT THEY HAD RELEASED IT ON THE 7th OF JUNE!

So, I logged on this morning and updates my console, which took forever, might I add. But now IT'S AWESOME and I have the software!


Ah, It's so pretty, and 3Dish! I just watched a trailer for ocarina of time 3D on the console itself, so that it actually WAS 3D, and it's mind blowing.
No seriously.

I'm not even sure if I mean that in a good way or not.

Of course, you CAN always play the games in 2D, and for the haters who are like, "Why wouldn't you just buy the old console then?"
Well, because of that, dear haters.
It's OLD.

They're also stopping production of regular DS games at the end of this year, so veer well away from those old timey wimey machines, and embrace the new, high tech machines.


Anyway, I finished my ICT notes yesterday after much huffing and puffing about it. I did tons of it wrong and I had to start again :C
But it's done now! And it is sweeeeeeeet.
Chemistry exam tomorrow - and i'm BRICKING IT. I know that I got and A* last year, but SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY HOW DID I DO THAT?
So i'm going to be dead today. I have to go and see the demonic teacher Miss East and ask her VERY nicely if I can use a revision guide for business & comms, because I don't have one. Stupid, I know.
Hey, I never said I was smart.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Check out this awesome remix

So yeah, I'm a total pira-holic.
I LOVE pirates. I'm turning into one... very slowly but surely turning pirate. Anyway, this music just makes you want to go and climb a fence, or do something else EXCITING.
Here is the highly anticipated video in question:

The day off.

Ah, this is the LIFE.

Watching my brother and my sister running around like mad people, getting ready for school; watching quite a large number of friends doing the same (with the added pressure of having to sit exams once they get there), and I'm sat here in my pajamas, my laptop balanced on my knees.

It's not like I don't wish my friends good luck and everything! (I do, I really do!) Particularly good luck to those who are actually sitting GCSE exams today. I know they're tough, but in a week or two, everyone will be finished for SUMMER!

Eeeeeeeeee! Excitement!

So, just so that I know what I'm doing today, I'm going to make a list....:
To do: (June 13th 2011)

  • Buy needed stuff - A cool pen and refills for said pen, Flowers so my room doesn't look so plain, bluetac so that I can actually stick up the posters I've made, Posters (if they have any cool Pirates of the Caribbean ones, Colour marker pens and MAYBE, just MAYBE another Chemistry revision guide. Because to be honest, it'll help me to pass on Wednesday and I'm doing Chemistry for A-level anyway, so I may need them later:-D
  • ICT Notes - The exams on Thursday, so I figure I've procrastinated enough...
  • Physics revision - Because my teacher's so bad, I need to teach myself the syllabus by Friday.
  • Finish cleaning my room - Though it's looking pretty snazzy already:-)
I'll cross them off as I go:-)

I'm pretty happy at the moment, though no-one's talking right now:L Dad just got up and started nagging mum about ironing or something... and I know she's going to be annoyed at him until AT LEAST lunchentime, which means she'll find it harder to work and- :la:
So, all in all, it's going to be an INTERESTING day!

Sunday, 12 June 2011



Awww, you so cute Mr. Panda

Cutting me off.

Let me just start with a picture, as apparently they tell a thousand words. ^

My father seems hell bent on... annoying me? Seems strange, I know. "I'm sure he doesn't mean to..." "I'm sure that it's not what you think..." Well, those people can shhhh right now.


I'm being cut off with everything I say, I'm basically being told to shut up, I keep getting kicked out of the room i'm in, and I can't even go to my bedroom because it's still housing my sick cat.


I just keep telling myself... You have the day off tomorrow - you can do what you want, and he wont be around. (Nor will my sister or my brother, ehehehehe.)

Can't believe my first two posts have been rant posts. How ridiculous am I? VERY

Getting frustrated at everything.


Do you ever have those days, where you can't help but be annoyed at ANYTHING and EVERYTHING?

That's where I am at the moment.

My sister said she'd go out with me, and went out on her own, my dad's being insensitive - stomping around the kitchen and basically saying my problems are stupid, my mum's never around and my brother's in the front room, probably playing 'Portal 2' as that seems to be 'the game to have' at the moment.

At least I can rely on my friends online - they've always got my back; I appreciate it more than they could ever imagine.

Sukie, (the cat) isn't very well today:/ I'm pretty worried about her, she's my little fluff ball of awesome, after all! Alas, she's looking a little bit better. She's sleeping on my bed - and i'm happy that she's comfortable there, but it means that my family seems to think it's okay to go into my room whenever they want to see her?
I'm fine with my mum doing so, but with regards to my dad... I'm not so sure. Shouldn't there be like a privacy rule about going into your daughters bedroom? ¬__¬

Ah well, as long as she gets better soon. I'm going to try and get her to drink some water soon - she'll probably get better faster that way:-)

Found out that my Chemistry GCSE exam is on Wednesday as opposed to Tuesday though. GREAT SUCCESS!

I'm not going in tomorrow, too. I have an ICT revision class, but really... What am I going to learn from Mr.Muhammad? It's highly unlikely that i'll learn anything, and I could just stay at home and do my notes!:L


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hello to the beautiful people of blogger!

Well hello there!

My name is Kate, as you've probably already guessed.

I'm a budding writer, and I think that it'll be nice to be able to share it here!

I'm very internet capable - I already have facebook, twitter, formspring, tumblr, MSN, Skype, Yahoo, Deviantart, fanfiction, ect! I figured that this blog will offer me the opportunity to post more 'wordy' posts without getting slated, or loosing followers!:-)

It's strange that I've created this account now - seeing as I am in the middle of exam season - but oh well! I may not be posting much until the 21st of June! ...Alternatively, this will be my ultimate procrastination tool! We'll just have to see.

Well, enough with my rambling -  I hope that they people of blogger are interested in what I post, and please follow! Thanks!<3