Sunday, 29 July 2012

New years resolutions part dos - Failed or Succeeded?

Apologies in advance for the absence, and this time it's been a long-un. I'll try not to let it happen again, because I know that you guys would miss my witty awesomeness. No promises though.
Anyway, about what must have been seven months ago now, I made a list. A list of things I'd like to achieve - much like the vast majority of the world - and never really thought I could keep. They were called NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. Here they are once more, and to make things more interesting, I'm actually going to review whether or not I have actually kept to them. Here goes!
-Cough cough-

  • Keep my room clean (Ha. Hahaha. Ha. -Looks at floor covered in things with no clean space in sight- Safe to say I've already failed that one.)
  • Keep on top of my work (Uhm... Relatively? Although due to the fact that it is summer and I currently haven't been set any work, it's difficult to judge whether or not I have succeeded.)
  • Learn to drive (The closest I've gotten is sitting behind the wheel, minding my dad's car whilst he nipped into the Chinese to pick up our food. So no.)
  • Pass my AS Levels (We'll find that one out in about a month's time. YIKES.)
  • Create a increasingly successful Youtube channel (Nope. Still want to, just haven't gotten around to that yet...)
  • Write more original fiction (Hahahahaha, no. Fanfiction, yes. Original? Nope.)
  • Get a job / volunteer (I HAVE VOLUNTEERED. Once. Then quit. For reasons I'm sure will be explained later.)
  • Be cooler than usual (I have decided that this is unquestionably impossible.)
  • Update this blog more than usual (...No comment)
  • In conclusion, so far this year, I have been a failure and kept 0/9 resolutions so far.
    Go me!
    There's much more to say (about what has happened over the past seven months and fo-shnizzle, but I'll put that in a later post, otherwise I'll have nothing to talk about and wont update!

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