Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Gap year SUCCESS? Interviews and journeys to Star Wars!

Hey what's happenin'?
I'm updating! Can you believe it? I can't. Onto more important things! For the third time, I've completely flopped NaNoWrimo. I've written about the number of words I should have written by now, but... Well, it's all over the place. Bits and bobs of about five different projects, in fact. I have a really short attention span.
Speaking of short attention spans, I applied for a ton of jobs a couple of days ago in a frantic dash of 'omg if I don't get one my mum's never going to speak to me again waaa', and I've heard back from two already! Hooray!
One of them (Next) no longer had the position going- apparently a website error on their part - so they were like 'we'll keep your details and phone you back as soon as something comes up'. Little do they know that it may be TOO LATE - As John Lewis jumped the gun and invited me to an interview this Friday!
Bwahaha. Apparently John Lewis is a great place to work, and pays loadsamoney! (BONUS) The only bad thing is that it's supposed to run for TWO AND A HALF HOURS - which seems really REALLY extortionate, but hey. I'll give it a go because a job there would be awesome.
So while that's at two in the afternoon, (ending at roughly half four, I suppose), my coach leaves at seven that evening. 'Coach for what?' you may be asking yourselves, 'what have you gotten yourself into now?'. Well, comprehensive stranger, that's simple.
Or not.
The STAR WARS AUDITIONS. Oh yes, yes, I have gone a little insane. But hear me out, okay?
I've always wanted to do acting, a bit - it's always intrigued me. When I write fiction, I always have to turn into the characters to write their parts - so I've always wondered if I could pull it off on tape. So I began looking to see what someone of my age (with no experience to speak of whatsoever) could do; namely, open castings.
And then... Star Wars are holding open castings?!
I looked at the character profiles, not really expecting to be taken at all by what they were- or not be able to relate to them in any way whatsoever (thus it be a terrible choice of first character to play), but I was wrong. Very wrong. And now I'm sad.
She's supposed to have lost her parents - whether they're dead or alive is up in the air - and she grew up in a rough city (I did too!). She's 17 - 18 years old (I'm 18!) and slim (I'm slim!), athletic (urm...) and beautiful (uh oh.). She sees the bright side of light and always hopes for a better future, and uses humour and blind courage to get through hard times (I do that!). You can see where I'm coming from now, right?
There are noticeable differences - namely in the way that I have my family - but she's not so different that relation, thus accurate expression of her character, would be impossible to me (a very new potential actress)! I feel like I could pull it off... I only hope that I get the chance to!

So I bought my coach pass to Manchester - it should get there on the Friday evening - and I'll camp outside the venue until it opens. (I'm not missing a chance to play a really awesome character like this!) The fact that it is Star Wars is both fortunate and unfortunate - I LOVE Star Wars (Particularly Harrison Ford), but I know that competition is going to be fierce, and I don't want to be overlooked. I have a lot to offer, and I feel like I'm competing with the world! (Which of course, I am!)
I also took my headshot for the casting thingy ma-bob. What do you think? Future Star Wars actress in the maker or horrible wannabe more suited to working in John Lewis?
Let me know what you think! Is it obvious that I'm terrified? I'm terrified!

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