Saturday, 22 October 2011

Super belated post is super belated.

Morning all. Or, evening, rather.

I'm in a not good mood. Simply because my mum's taking over the front room a bit; and it's driving me slightly insane. So I explain that I don't want her to record that much on the planner in the front room, because I like it tidy, and she's now mad with me.
Not cool.
Not cool at all.

Cornwall tomorrow. Ah, the joy.
I dislike it. A lot- I don't want to go. Not only do I miss four parties, (Yes, four!) but I also miss bowling, free stuff and seeing the lion king in 3D.
At least i'm back for Halloween.

I have a lot of work to do over the holidays, so i'm not looking forward to that either.

Oh yeah, and I've found out that another one of my friends likes me as more than a friend.
Party on.

Splash; there's all the bad stuff!

I must remember to pack Risk before I go away! And some playing cards. In fact, i'm going to make a list of all the things I have to remember..:

Things to do before I depart towards my almost imminent misery:

  1. Clothes. This includes some jeans, shirts and sweatshirts; because it's the English coast. Not Orlando.
  2. Risk. Playing cards.
  3. Work stuff! I don't want U's!
  4. Charge phone, DS, camera, iPod & computer. I love technology, and i'm not going a week without it!
  5. Wash bag. Hygiene is important!
So I've also just checked the weather. Rain. Lots of it. Taking a couple of coats and a mini umbrella now.

Positive section of this blog post begins HERE.

I renewed my XBOX live!
...and I just realised how screwed up my priorities are. OHWELLXBOXISGREAT!

Everyday i'm talking more and more to the guy I like. Yesterday we swapped phone numbers - now he's texting me. SCORE!

It is half term! Even though I have to spend a lot of it working, and all of it in Cornwall, it's still a holiday! Sort of...
Speaking of Cornwall, the router's just been packed up. Ah. That means this post probably will end up being posted in the land of corn. Ironic isn't it? I hate Corn too.

As I thought, here we are in Cornwall, and I haven't posted this yet.

Things are looking cool! The sea's pretty choppy at the moment, but that's cool- I've just had a scone and i'm connected to the internet. As far as things go, that's good! 

I'm bored, but at least I have the computer. And a shower. None of this camping nonsense.

Going to buy a few things tomorrow for people back home - probably scarves, bracelets and rock. Rock as in the candy. I don't really like it, but the sell some with rude messages in that makes me laugh a ton.

Right, i'm going to actually post this now! Maybe i'll keep a log of my cornish adventures... Then again, maybe not!

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  1. I think I'm in the same boat (well as far as prioritizing Xbox over GCSEs) I'm pretty jealous of you going to Cornwall. At least there it would make my art coursework seem far away!