Saturday, 5 November 2011

Milton Keynes, Skyrim and weird things.


I actually got back about a week ago; but hey, I never said I was good at keeping this blog up to date! I will eventually reply to comments and messages... when I figure out how...
Moving swiftly on!


It's 10:35am, or at least, it feels that way! It's actually 9:35 - stupid clocks. Why'd they have to change? It's not like England's an immensely agricultural place now, is it?

Guy Fawkes day today, by the way! That day when everyone in England celebrated the failure and suicide of one man - nicknamed Guy Fawkes. That's probably my worst nightmare - being remembered for a failure, I mean - so I actually end up feeling a little bit sympathetic for him.


Oh yeah, you know that guy I mentioned earlier? The one I 'liked'? Well, turns out he 'likes' me too, and we're going on a sort-of date tomorrow.

Nothing's really set in stone & everything's majorly casual, but I can't help but be horrendously nervous. HORRENDOUSLY. Urgh. URGH. SO NERVOUS.

So I can't figure out if that's a piece of good news, or a piece of bad news!


I have an opticians appointment today; the first one in five years. Should have really been wearing glasses for close range things... haven't been. I have a feeling that I'm going to be tutted at. Ah well, shouldn't have gone to specsavers.


Now that all of that's out of the way...

SKYRIM IN SIX DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My fellow Elder Scrolls fans; Dragonborn's everywhere - listen closely. Skyrim is going to be the best thing ever, and Friday the 11th the best day of your life - so stock up on crisps, your favourite drinks and snacks, because you're probably not going to be leaving the chair you park your arse in for at least a week.


I actually did a biology mitosis video yesterday so that I wouldn't have to do it instead of playing Skyrim. (Yes, really! You can find it here! - It opens in a new window, so click it!)


The black hand / dark brotherhood looks amazing, as you would expect after the amazingness that it was in Oblivion; the thieves guild looks awesome - they have their own 'lair' and armour this time, for the winning! Their questline is bound to be immense too, but YAY!

You know, i'm just going to give you all the links & information I can about Skyrim.
This could take a while...

Behind the wall - Trailer

Concept - Trailer

Live Action - Trailer

Perks and unlockables - There is no class system, so ignore that as you're reading it; then read the comment posted by Julianos at the bottom!

Some Skyrim gameplay


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