Sunday, 27 November 2011

Back to basics, MRIs and MRAs

Doctor Who- sorry, Hu, was a big meanie.

She was really grumpy and it didn't exactly work my trust up in her... then she decided to test my reflexes and whack my joints with a weird medical hammer-y thing. I didn't actually think they did that in real life. But they do. Just in case you were wondering.

The good thing is that she told me that she really doubted anything was wrong with me at all! She doesn't think that I'm epileptic, or anything like that, so YAY! Yet, she told me that there's also a tiny risk that I have a BRAIN HEMORRHAGE so I've been booked for an MRI and an MRA scan of the brain. 


So that's nothing to worry about or anything....

Oh yeah! And the en-suite in my parents bedroom has the only working shower- and now THAT sounds precarious. Like it's about to fall through - and if it does, it will probably take the wall between the lounge and the kitchen with it!
...Yet, my dad won't fix it.

Starting next week, I intend to spend nearly all of the 'free's' I'm given at school ACTUALLY studying. I've realised that I could be copying out the textbook into my own notes on this trusty little notebook in my free time - writing the essays I should be for English, as well as actually reading the Kite Runner - and learning the key terms for Business Studies. Because as much as the majority of Business Studies is simply common knowledge, I know that some terms I won't just know. Like 'Matrix', and not as in the movie. What the actual-
Which also means that you could be seeing some study notes as blog posts in the future! Huzzah if you're doing a-levels in the same things as me; not huzzah if you're not!

It's the 27th of November, meaning that it's actually 28 days away. Only 28 days until I reveal my new bike to my eyes! HUZZAH!

This is it. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL??? Screw that crappy thing about my school bag always whacking into the tire on the front of my bike and hello vintage beauty!
Mmm, it's even got it's own little stand!

Ah it's Sunday. The day of things to do, the things to do today.
To do:

  • Make Breakfast - I recently mastered the art of making french toast so making breakfast for myself is not only easy, but freaking delicious too. 
  • Write the Act 3 essay for English that was actually due on Friday. (And this is why I have to use my studies more productively)
  • Write the Act 4 essay actually due NEXT Friday. (Hopefully that'll make up for it!)
  • Write some of the Coursework essay I really should have been doing in English! (Gulp)
  • Check for other homework due for tomorrow
  • Iron a couple of shirts
  • Shower, so that I don't have to do so tomorrow morning (I promise, I'm not a hermit! ...Yet...)
And that should (SHOULD) be all. If I have any free time after that, i'll probably be writing more fanfiction (Which I got back into! Huzzah!), planning Original fiction (If I publish a book, you'll buy it right?;D), or playing Skyrim, which still hasn't gotten old.

So what do you know, this turned into a relatively positive blog post after all!

My dad went away to America earlier - at like 7:55AM to be precise. I don't like him being gone or anything; but it's like this aura of badness and stress has been lifted from the house.

Lifted away~

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