Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy apocalyptic new year!

This is the year we're all supposed to die- 2012! Not so cheery, but in the same way, kind of exciting! Isn't it?

...Maybe i'm just insane. Quite possible!

So I struggled to come up with 'resolutions' as such today; I actually felt like the things I need to improve on, I'm unlikely to stick to? I don't really have the MOTIVATION to go through and make sure they happen. Therefore, I've come up with something new for this year.

List of things that I would like to / should do, that may or may not be achieved by the time we're all supposed to die on the 21st of December 2012;

  • Keep my room clean (Yeah, right.)
  • Keep on top of my work (Hahahahaha)
  • Learn to drive
  • Pass my AS Levels 
  • Create a increasingly successful Youtube channel
  • Write more original fiction
  • Get a job / volunteer
  • Be cooler than usual (impossible!)
  • Update this blog more than usual
There. My list! c:

Have a wonderful 2012 guys<3

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