Wednesday, 31 August 2011

So there you go, I guess we figured out which of the posting schemes I would adopt over summer.

Yes, that's right. The one with almost NO POSTING WHATSOEVER.
But school's on the horizon again now; Well, I say school and I really mean college- but it's still got prep work, that I probably should have already done and haven't, to do.
Joyous joys.
I get another new tutor too! Yes, what should be my second ever tutor is actually going to be my sixth? Or is it seventh... I forget. They're pretty much yearly, though they should be for longer than that.
2 Bs, 10 As and an A* in results though folks! Can you believe I got an A in Spanish? I can't, I mean asfghjkl;df

Got onto Pottermore!
Took the test like Harry - begging for not hufflepuff or slytherin, though I knew I wouldn't get ravenclaw, so I was in hopes of gryffindor.
Guess where I ended up.


I'm growing used to it, but I promised to buy the house scarf of the house I was sorted into, which means I now officially have to sell my soul to salazar and buy his house's scarf.
Thanks JK Rowling.

Apart from that, Pottermore's BRILLIANT.

Worth the waiting.

It's now job hunting season, so this weekend or next weekend, I'll be travelling the streets searching for employment.
-Blows kazoo-
Hopefully I'll have more luck this time. -__-

I'm off to make a Slytherins of Pottermore group on Facebook. Gotta have somewhere to chill with my homies!:-D

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