Friday, 17 August 2012

Third time lucky? Also, AS RESULTS GYAHHH

Let's test the theory.

So tomorrow I have yet another job interview! Yes folks, but this one's at Build-a-bear. I feel like soon I will have seen the storage rooms of many of the shops in town. Never mind, eh?
I hope I get this one, but I guess that goes without saying. I'm just going to have to be really enthusiastic; emphasise my work with young children (as the student support rep, a fundraiser, an inclusion rep, participating in organising enrichment, eg.) and hope that it pays off.
I can only wish and eventually I'll get lucky.
Here's a message to all of you people who are looking for jobs. KEEP TRYING. Interviews do keep coming up, you just have to look like everywhere for them.
Eventually, EVENTUALLY, you strike gold.

"I'll grow wings and I'll fly."

On the 16th of August (YESTERDAY), I got my AS results. Surprisingly they were better than I thought they would be!
I got an A in Business Studies (Like a baws), a C in English Literature and two D's in Biology and Chemistry. Obviously I'm resitting all but Business, because I know I can do better - but they're definitely NOT U's!

I knew from the very outset that I could have tried harder. If I'm honest, the A in business was a shock. But I also know that I'm perfectly willing to try harder from now on. It should be better - this time next year, hopefully you'll be hearing about an AAAA. Or an AAAB. Or something similarly high and awesome. Like me.

Not that I'm high. Woops. Really, I'm not.

On a completely different topic, I have a fantastic idea for a book on Wattpad. Normally, my projects expand and become too large to complete- so I am to keep this as more of a Novella; which has the prospect of having a sequel or two. It's going to be based on a series of manga books; character names and some events changed.
It's going to be fluffy. Romantic. Not that I'm romantic. The stuff people like to read on Wattpad! Could be super sweet.


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