Thursday, 23 August 2012

'We'd like to take you on.' I'M EMPLOYED

Hollister  FAILED
Republic  FAILED
Build-a-bear Workshop SUCCESS
Ah, so today I finally got the phone-call I had been hoping, praying, wishing and dreaming for. I had finally got a job.
And it's one at BUILD-A-BEAR. How cool is that?
I mean, working in a toy-store. I've always thought that would be awesome; and working in one as truly amazing as build-a-bear? Wow. Honestly? Thought I'd messed it up.

Apparently not!

So they called today and told me that they'd like to 'take me on', and I was all 'IAJSDFUSEURGSIJDRF THANK YOU!!!!!!!11111111!!!'
Playing it cool, Kat. Playing it cool.

They're going to phone me next week after they've figured out when people are going to start and stuff so that I know when I'm going to start and then I can do the training and be on an official payroll and be all official employee and stuff so weeeeeeee!

It's also obviously a HUGE relief to know that I can start earning some money of my own - I can actually have some spending money for uni, guys! And I'll have some work experience, so that'll make getting a job at uni far easier itself!

I've got a lot more to write, about friends and whatnot, but it's already 11:41pm and I am poopered.
Will write again tomorrow, so goodbye for today, internet guys!

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