Thursday, 2 August 2012


Okay so this is probably going to be a short but ranty post... Then again, maybe not.
So, I got out of the shower a couple of minutes ago (quick, get the thought out of your head, perverts!), and waiting for me was a card? I was really confused, because it's the second of August, and my birthday's in March, (5 months ago) and Christmas is in about five months time too. ANYWAY, upon opening said confusing card, I discovered that it is a 'belated birthday card' (with a tenner in it), from the guy mentioned in this post.
Just gonna go ahead and say that he's probably not doing that good of a job of getting over me, huh?

Sure, I guess it's thoughtful?? Maybe?? But to me, it seems like he's trying to buy me? Trying to say, you know what, here's a card and some money, now text me back.
The weirdest thing is that it was definitely posted through my letterbox, as there is no stamp, no address. It's quite clear that he came to my house, dropped it, and left again.
I feel a little bit stalked. 
Am I overreacting? Maybe I am. But it just seems really unsettling and rather awkward. I'm not entirely sure how to respond - maybe I'll just respond 'thanks for the card' in a quick text message, ignoring the usual pleas for attention in the form of 'how do you stay so strong all the time?' or 'talk to me please', 'have I ruined our friendship?'(what friendship???) or even the occasional 'hi x'.
This guy should probably have guessed by now that I don't really want to talk to him. 
TAKE A HINT, BOY. (As my business teacher would shout.)

Ah Mr. Valance, where would we be without your constant inappropriate drug / sexual orientation based jokes?
(eg. 'Do that worksheet like you did heroin last night!'
or... '"But- Mikey, I thought what we had was special?" "Sir, I'm not gay." "Oh, but I was sure- never mind."')

Speaking of stalkers and stuff, did you see what Rileyy_69 (-cough- CHAV -cough-) sent to Tom Daley (bad-ass British Olympic diver)? Outrageous. Someone shoot the kid.
...With a bb gun of course. Or not.
Mmm. Mr. Somerhalder.
On the plus side, my migraine's gone! Mainly, anyway!

I've got a pretty awesome idea for a fan-fiction / original fiction involving superheroes. Hm. I've already developed a superhero in the past... Maybe I'll just use her for this? Or do I want to do it more about super villains? Perhaps I could even corrupt my superhero into a villain!
Decisions, decisions.
Hey, wouldn't it be cool if you read this, and then I wrote a best-seller? This, superhero novel, became a best seller? You'd have been one of the first people to read something by the most epic author on Earth.
Give yourself a pat on the back. c:
I'm working on a project with maybe (depending on whether he cops out or not) the assistance of Adam (him again?), for other budding authors. 
Basically, we know how hard is is for authors to get started on original fiction of their own. We're basically providing the 'stepping-stone' for this process, if you like.
We're creating a world for the sole use of fan-fiction writers. We've got a map of a whole new world, a back-story for this same world, a logical reason as to why the supernatural (eg. Vampires and werewolves) exist (for people who like writing in that genre), and a hierarchy of power. We're currently developing a time-line of events that affect the ruling of the country / empire; as well as the country / empire itself; a number of characters that people can choose to use in their own writing, and the development of scenery and society.
Neat huh?
The idea, in the end, is to have a 'book' you can 'buy' (download) from the kindle store, and from the 'iBooks' store that contains...:
  • A map
  • A back-story of the world - where is it in connection to the Earth, why does it exist, how is it sustainable?
  • Descriptions of the provinces in a large amount of detail.
  • Characters- their origins and thus personalities described and explained in the form of short fictional extracts.
  • Minor characters, named, aged, gender and loosely described. Designed to be moulded by the writer.
The idea is that people can download this for FREE and begin a fantasy writing adventure. We'll want to create a tag for 'tumblr' where people can search for other chapters of stories other people are writing, get in contact with either 'fanfiction' or 'fictionpress' and get them to open a category for it, and watch it evolve. If all goes well, people should become a tight community revolving around this fantasy world.
Now, people can write whatever they like - they can destroy the empire, or blow up the entire world in a HUGE meteoric display of fireballs raining from the sky. BUT, people can choose to follow set regulations whereby they can create a character and follow the main points of story. If they choose to do so, they can also submit their stories to myself, and whomever else chooses to monitor the project. 
Eventually, we should have a healthy bank of awesome stories. ALL of these will be accredited in another free book that we will publish (or their pen-names, anyway) and this will then allow for people to have their name seen by many! We'll put in our extracts in stuff from the previous book - leaving it up there anyway, for people who want to participate again regardless of the deadline - in the new one, and add bits of other people's stories, corresponding to the timeline.
We should end up with an awesome fantasy book, full of loads of different perspectives about the same time period, and get a real, well-rounded view of our fantastical society.
As afore mentioned, the entire project is 100% absolutely and totally free. NO CHARGE NECESSARY. We know that a lot of people who would like to participate would like some kind of reward for doing so, but we can't afford that. And entry fees? We don't want our participants to have to pay!
Cool, huh? I KNOW. I'm a genius.


I think the same song's repeating on my PC over and over again when it's not on repeat? Why is this? ...Oh wait, it is on repeat. Better question then; why didn't I realise this before when I put the music on over an hour ago? I mean Paramore's great, but I've had quite enough of 'Miracle' now.
"LET'S LEAVE THIS ALL BEHINDDDDD-", Indeed Hayley. Let's do that. 

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