Monday, 13 June 2011

The day off.

Ah, this is the LIFE.

Watching my brother and my sister running around like mad people, getting ready for school; watching quite a large number of friends doing the same (with the added pressure of having to sit exams once they get there), and I'm sat here in my pajamas, my laptop balanced on my knees.

It's not like I don't wish my friends good luck and everything! (I do, I really do!) Particularly good luck to those who are actually sitting GCSE exams today. I know they're tough, but in a week or two, everyone will be finished for SUMMER!

Eeeeeeeeee! Excitement!

So, just so that I know what I'm doing today, I'm going to make a list....:
To do: (June 13th 2011)

  • Buy needed stuff - A cool pen and refills for said pen, Flowers so my room doesn't look so plain, bluetac so that I can actually stick up the posters I've made, Posters (if they have any cool Pirates of the Caribbean ones, Colour marker pens and MAYBE, just MAYBE another Chemistry revision guide. Because to be honest, it'll help me to pass on Wednesday and I'm doing Chemistry for A-level anyway, so I may need them later:-D
  • ICT Notes - The exams on Thursday, so I figure I've procrastinated enough...
  • Physics revision - Because my teacher's so bad, I need to teach myself the syllabus by Friday.
  • Finish cleaning my room - Though it's looking pretty snazzy already:-)
I'll cross them off as I go:-)

I'm pretty happy at the moment, though no-one's talking right now:L Dad just got up and started nagging mum about ironing or something... and I know she's going to be annoyed at him until AT LEAST lunchentime, which means she'll find it harder to work and- :la:
So, all in all, it's going to be an INTERESTING day!

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