Monday, 20 June 2011

Cómo estás mi amigos?


Enough with the Spanish and on with the good news. Today is my final day of studying before i'm off for summer!
I do have to go into school tomorrow for the exam (sociology) so I'm kinda stressy about that. The excitement and the nervousness are all tumbled together into one big ball of PAIN.
No, seriously. Stomach cramps to the max.

Yesterday my grandparents came to visit.
And that's all I have to say about that.

It feels mean to say, but hey, as my uncle famously said...
How can it be rude if it's the truth?

Probably easily, but ah well.

The thing about Sociology that is worrying me is that there's so much to learn. Specifically, names.
Cohen argued that working class boys join delinquent subculture due to peer pressure and then resort to crime.
Boyle argued that the digital divide is strong in Britain today.
Cicourel argued something...

I just hope things go okay. I blagged my mock, and got a B - so hopefully I'll live. I will be fine with an A, though my teacher would like for me to get an A*...

Ah well, sorry Mrs Pettit. I am not a sociology guru. :C

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