Sunday, 12 June 2011

Getting frustrated at everything.


Do you ever have those days, where you can't help but be annoyed at ANYTHING and EVERYTHING?

That's where I am at the moment.

My sister said she'd go out with me, and went out on her own, my dad's being insensitive - stomping around the kitchen and basically saying my problems are stupid, my mum's never around and my brother's in the front room, probably playing 'Portal 2' as that seems to be 'the game to have' at the moment.

At least I can rely on my friends online - they've always got my back; I appreciate it more than they could ever imagine.

Sukie, (the cat) isn't very well today:/ I'm pretty worried about her, she's my little fluff ball of awesome, after all! Alas, she's looking a little bit better. She's sleeping on my bed - and i'm happy that she's comfortable there, but it means that my family seems to think it's okay to go into my room whenever they want to see her?
I'm fine with my mum doing so, but with regards to my dad... I'm not so sure. Shouldn't there be like a privacy rule about going into your daughters bedroom? ¬__¬

Ah well, as long as she gets better soon. I'm going to try and get her to drink some water soon - she'll probably get better faster that way:-)

Found out that my Chemistry GCSE exam is on Wednesday as opposed to Tuesday though. GREAT SUCCESS!

I'm not going in tomorrow, too. I have an ICT revision class, but really... What am I going to learn from Mr.Muhammad? It's highly unlikely that i'll learn anything, and I could just stay at home and do my notes!:L


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