Saturday, 18 June 2011

Clean up day

Hm, my dad decided it would be a good idea to have the 'clean-up day of epic proportion' today.
I swear, the sound of the hoover will be in my head for hours and hours.

So, I cleaned the front room all by myself which sucked was probably more beneficial than having someone do it with me. More effort, yes, but the room is already pretty small, and having to worry about tripping over someone all of the time is a concern I could do without.

Physics was okay! I reckon i'll pass, but you can only hope. When the exam board makes an error on the paper and you have to go in and change it before the paper even starts, you know something's going to be afoot.

Only one left now. Sociology.
Sociology is one of those torturous subjects.


Makes me realise that I should have taken History instead. Darn it.
90 Marks, 90 Minutes. Constant writing, I'm going to have severe cramp afterwards. Not that i'll even be focusing that much, because after that exam, FREEDOM!

Today my text inbox seems to be flooded with messages asking for me to go outside. Outside? What is that? It seems like so long that I've been revising, I can't even remember what it looks like.

Just looked out of the window. It's actually quite pretty outside today:') The garden is mowed, except for a speech mark shaped patch of grass. From what I can gather, it's been left so that the bees have some food.
I still don't quite get how bees eat.

They haven't got mouths, have they?

I've been addicted to the Xbox recently. I'm going to try and plug in the abandoned headset that's been lying on the footstool for weeks. After all, I broke the other 4/5!

Not so helpful when I should really be making sociology posters...

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